Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Restaurant Alert: Riger Hotz [Fishermall]

Going to Fishermall earlier, our main target was to visit the Seattle's Best Coffee on the lower ground level to avail of the buy 1 take 1 Javakula drink. But before that, we were looking for a place to eat. Roaming around almost the entire mall except the top level, we almost missed seeing this new restaurant. Located at the 3rd level, it's just a floor below the cinema level and we were already thinking of heading back down to check out other restaurants. Then we saw Riger Hotz.

Upon inspecting the restaurant closer, confusion ensued. We couldn't figure out what this restaurant is about until after a few seconds where we saw the words "New Type of Korean Fastfood." Well, we were honestly still confused by that. Then, one of their staff approached us and explained. We went, "oh". If you ask me, I can perfectly describe it as mongolian-like concept but served with Korean dishes.

Here's their menu:

After the staff explained to us how the dishes and their combo works, we went to the counter to order and paid for our meal.

Here's what we got:
Mine: Spicy Chicken Riger Combo (Large) | P200.00
This includes the spicy chicken rice topping with vegetables, soup, a Korean side dish of your choice (Mine was Dak Gang Jeong) and drinks. What I did was I put 2 cups (the white sauce cup on the side) of chili paste and put the black sweet sauce on the rice topping. I mixed them all like mixing a mongolian dish (or bibimbap). Of course, the chili paste made the entire rice topping tasted like I was eating bibimbap but the sweet sauce reminded me of mongolian rice toppings. I ordered spicy chicken because I was craving for Dak Galbi, a famous dish in Korea that is also served in Yoogane. This is the cheaper version of Dak Galbi but the original Dak Galbi still tastes better. For the soup, it was just an ordinary egg and corn soup. It might have came from one of those instant packs for all I know. The soup was just okay, nothing special. For my side dish which they call "Tapas" (reminds me of a Spanish dish), I got the boneless fried chicken tossed in sweet chili sauce. It was ok because it matched well with my spicy chicken. Sweet and spicy is one of my favorite combinations, that's why. The iced tea was small for an upsized version. We added P10 to upsize it but it still looked small to us. Might look big on the angle we took the photo but believe me, it's not. Anyway, it's just normal powdered iced tea and not one of those house blended ones.

My brother got: Bulgogi Riger Combo (Large) | P200.00
Includes the bulgogi rice topping with vegetables, soup, a Korean side dish of your choice (He got the Jap Chae) and drinks. My brother said he did like it but the JapChae was a bit on the  very chewy side which he didn't like much. He prefers non-spicy dish so he just put some of those black sweet sauce and no spicy sauce. Overall, it was a good lunch and for P200 per person, I think the entire meal is generous enough to fill up most of us. They also serve mineral water (self service) in case you opt to just buy their meals.

Love their customized door handle. 
Would I go back? Yes, I'd go back in case I drop by Fishermall again. But I might try other new restaurants inside that mall first before coming back here or if I'm craving for an instant Korean fast food fix, I would probably drop by again sooner.

Industrial-ish looking ambiance

Riger Hotz
3rd Level, Fishermall (Quezon Avenue, Quezon Cirty)

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