Friday, October 17, 2014

Smart Now Offering LG G3! [Tweet & Win Contest at the end of the Post]

I'm still waiting for my review unit to arrive but I am already excited about LG's newest flagship. This device is highly rated by fellow tech bloggers and has won multiple awards like "Best of the Best" award by Red Dot Design, "European Advanced Smartphone" by European Imaging and Sound Association among others. It is also recognized as the best android phone of the year and the perfect smartphone as Forbes and Bloomberg named it. The Red Dot Design award itself got the LG G3 a total of nine awards in the Communication Design category. Yes, it really is award winning.

The best part is, it's already available from Smart! Starting October 17, 2014, LG G3 is available in the following Smart Postpaid plan:

All-In Plan 500 with cashout of 14,300
All-In Plan 800 with cashout of 12,100
All-In Plan 1200 with cashout of 8,000
All-In Plan 1800 with cashout of 4,776 (+199/mo for 24 months)
All-In Plan 2500 FREE

Data Plan 999 with cashout of  9,700
Data Plan 1500 with cashout of  800
Data Plan 2000 FREE
Data Plan 3000 FREE

Unli Text Plan 349 with cashout of  14,300
Unli Call & Text Plan 599 with cashout of  16,300 24

If you want more information, visit

If you ask me, the Plan 1800 is one of the best deals out there. Why? Let's say the current value outside of the LG G3 as of writing is 23,000

1800 MSF + 199 add-on per month will give you a total of 1999. Times 24 months lock-in would be 47,976. Then you add the one-time payment of P4,776. Total acquisition cost would be 52,752

If you think about that, buying the LG G3 at 23,000 would lessen the total cost to just 29,752 and if you divide that by 24 months, the Plan 1800 you are using would be valued at around 1,240.

To tell you the truth, having a Plan 1800 can give you one of the best all-in bucket combination out there. I know that because I am currently on one. Here's my breakdown of all-in bucket:
All-Net Text (80mins to Smart, Globe and Sun for 30days) P350
All Net Voice (3,500 SMS to Smart, Globe and Sun for 30days) P250
LTE Unlisurf P995
Consumable worth P205

The value alone of the buckets I got amounts to almost P4,000 if I was on prepaid without even counting the unlimited LTE! Going back to the LG G3, yes, I am super excited to receive my review unit and I'll do a full review of it here.

For the meantime, why not get yourself a chance to win one by joining this promo:
You can also visit @LGPhilippines Twitter account for more details.
If you want more information, visit

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