Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What is the PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya?

You might have heard of it already or have used one but for some, it's something new. For one, the name itself is self-explanatory on what it can do. PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya is a product from the PLDT group. KaAsenso means that by availing of it, you can earn from it and Cyberya literally means "coins for internet access". This is PLDT's project to get millions of Filipinos to use the internet at a low cost.

EVP, Head of PLDT HOME Business Ariel Fermin and Dept. of Education Asst. Sec. Toni Umali
PLDT is lifting the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit by letting them have their own business through these affordable businesses called "PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya". It's an internet-rental service wherein customers only pay as low as P1 to surf the internet. Each package has a computer set, cabinet, coin slot, timer, and of course, high-speed internet powered by PLDT Home DSL*.
*Wired Broadband up to 2Mbps (minimum speed of 150 kbps at 80% reliability)

Last October 05 ,2014, the teacher advocacy group of PLDT “PLDT Gabay Guro (2G) gave away 10 of these PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya units to public schools during the Gabay Guro Grand Gathering plus other big prizes like House and Lot and that is just to name a few. Read more about that grand gathering here:

EVP, Head of PLDT HOME Business Ariel Fermin and Dept. of Education Asst. Sec. Toni Umali
Each PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya business investment starts as low as P7,300 (Installment terms), and a barangay permit to operate. Amortization of the said package is only P500 a month for the first 3 months. This will give the new business owner time to get to know how to run the business better. As per their computation, ROI would roughly be around 5 months but this will still depend on the actual business performance. There are 2 kinds of stations to choose from -- a "surfing unit" and a "gaming unit". Both packages can be availed in full or installment payment schemes. As a benefit, all Cyberya units come with a 24-month extended warranty aside from the after-sales support.

Gabay Guro teachers at the PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya Booth
As I've mentioned, this is PLDT's way in lifting up the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit by providing them with an opportunity to learn and have his own business.

Interested in having your own Cyberya business from PLDT KaAsenso? You can check out:

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