Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chicago The Musical Manila: Smart Infinity Experience

Let me start with this. Not only was Chicago awesome... the Smart Infinity experience was awesome-r! It was a night where subscribers felt really special as Chicago is present by Smart Infinity and Visa. All subscribers of the new Smart Infinity Music Plan got 2 complimentary orchestra VIP tickets! Smart Infinity subscribers also get to enjoy priority booking and 10% off on Chicago tickets prior to the showing dates.

I was excited on the day itself so I went there early to have dinner first. We had dinner at the new Oasis Garden Cafe inside the new Soliare Sky Tower. Surprisingly priced lower than what you might expect for a highend hotel-resort but the quality was not lacking! We had beef steak tagalog and  burger sliders. Yummy! Enjoyed every single bite of it. That's what you want to try if you visit Oasis Garden Cafe. Cost for both was less than 900 pesos, all in.

After dinner we proceeded to the theater but checked out this Mona Lisa exhibit first. It was all Mona Lisa -- robot Mona Lisa, Food Mona Lisa etc! Different faces of Mona Lisa!

As we reach the theater reception area, it was already packed! We noticed that there were areas that are cordoned off -- one of which is for Smart Infinity! Awesome! Smart really makes a way to make you feel very special. After that, unlimited servings of Hors d'oeuvre! Too bad I was already full but since my cousin who works at Solaire recommended that I try it, I did! It still tasted really good even though I was already full, which is a good thing because it means that it is really good!

Had a few drinks and not too long after it, the we were informed that the doors are now open.

I won't bore you with a review of the musical but let me just say this. Having slept through multiple Broadway musical shows both here and abroad, this is the first musical that I was entirely awake. Not a single dull moment. I've already blogged about how I slept through Wicked in London and stuff but this was really interesting for me. It might be because of the jazz music or the story line but nonetheless, for a person who sleeps through musicals, this is big. I recommend it and even if you don't love musicals, there's a chance that you might even like this as well, like me.

Did you know that they only had 4 hours of rehearsal a day prior? Cool, right? Robert Billig, the musical conductor also said that having worked with Filipinos before, he knew that he would find the musicians that he would need for this. He sent CDs of the show in advance so they'll know how Chicago sounds and the day they met, they only rehearsed for 4 hours!

One Infinity subscriber won the tickets through Infinity Rewards and was able to give them to his daughter and she enjoyed every bit of it. She said, “It was a privilege being able to watch the show as an Infinity VIP. Having no line [to wait in], a lounge for waiting, freebies and food! The staff was very much accommodating as well. And yes, ‘Chicago’ was as good as I expected it to be. Actually, it was even better than my expectations.”

Smart Infinity previously brought ‘Cats,’ ‘Mamma Mia,’ ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ and ‘Wicked.

Thanks again for the awesome Smart Infinity experience. Chicago was awesome! Don't miss it!

‘Chicago,’ featuring its London West End cast, will run from December 2 to 21, 2014 at The Theatre at Solaire in ParaƱaque City.

For details the “Chicago” run, visit and

Smart Infinity is also the first to launch iPhone 6 and iPhone6 plus last November 14. New Infinity subscribers have the option to get the iPhone 6 (64GB) or the iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) with an additional P5,000 worth of GCs or bill rebates compliments of Smart Infinity starting on their fully consumable Prestige Plan 5000. On the brand’s fully consumable Premium Plan 8000, new subscribers can choose to receive two 16GB units of the iPhone 6, or an iPhone 6 16GB plus a MacBook Air. New sign-ups at P3500 per month, or the Aspire Plan come with a 16GB iPhone 6.

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