Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sun Shop on Wheels: Making it Easier for Subscribers

A few years back, Smart launched their Smart store on wheels as they want to make it easier for people to get reliable mobile services. This December, Sun Cellular followed suit. Now, more people can get access their services even in hard to reach areas without a Sun Shop. By next year, they will already roll out Sun Shop on Wheels in selected provinces.

For me, these rolling stores are like "tech" food trucks. It's interesting to know that rather than staying put and letting customers come to them, they are coming to us as if they are reaching out and making their customer's lives easier. Here are some of the advantages of having a shop on wheels.
- Better locations and can reach far flung areas
- Can go to on-site activation events
- Lower investment and overhead cost compared to a brick & mortar store
- Easier to operate and maintain

Sun's flagship postpaid plans are as follows:
Sun Plan 450, 600 and 999

With that, subscribers can enjoy smartphone bundles that come with a tablet or wearable device. Also, they will be coming up with offers only exclusive on Sun Shop on Wheels.

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