Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blood Test: When All Else Fails, Go Fish!

A few days back was judgement day. At least for me. I had my blood tested in the morning and results came out right after lunch. Looking at it, those numbers with "bold" fonts are those you need to be concerned about. It's Thanksgiving so I learned to count my blessings -- yey! blood sugar is normal! That's very good news for someone who loves chocolates. Bad news? Well, I failed in several of them (not mentioning it here lol) because apparently, I have been eating too much pork and meat.

Doctor's advice? Go eat fish. I'm glad she didn't even mention exercise but knowing myself, I don't get any. Fish it is! Tuna immediately came into my mind because they are excellent source of protein, have much lower fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than other protein choices -- plus, the fat in tuna comes from Omega-3 fatty acids that is responsible for lowering risk for stroke, heart disease, cognitive decline, cancer, eye disease and others. Advantages outweigh disadvantages.

Canned tuna is the most consumed type of fish because it is inexpensive and can last a lot longer than fresh tuna which makes it a convenient source of protein. Don't get me wrong about choosing canned tuna but according to research, fresh tuna contains more mercury and canned tuna contains the least amount of mercury. Eating canned tuna provides around 230milligrams or 46% of the 500milligrams of DHA and EPA recommended per day.

Among all the canned tuna brands I tried recently, only San Marino Tuna Flakes got my tastebud's attention. I was a previous consumer of the other famous brand of tuna but for a couple of reasons, I'm now converted to San Marino Tuna Flakes. One reason in particular is the taste. I love "SMTF" more as the fish smell is very light but still tasty. If you want to try it out, make sure to look for the green label which says “Protein for Life.” That’s exactly what you get with every can of this newest tuna flakes brand in town.

Anyway, I'm due for a follow-up checkup in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know what this "diet" will do to me.

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