Saturday, December 6, 2014

Oedo Japanese Restaurant (Sto Domingo QC)

Opened just less than a week, I was excited to visit Oedo Japanese Restaurant located in Sto Domingo QC. I still consider this part of the "Banawe" area restaurants because of its proximity and I would think that Banawe is more known than Sct Alcaraz or Sto Domingo. Situated in a corner lot, their authentic Japanese exterior design will make sure you won't miss this establishment.

Having heard some feedback from family and friends, it is said to serve authentic Japanese dishes. As a fan of the Japanese cuisine, I immediately took time to visit it as I want my list of favorite Japanese restaurants in the metro to expand. Went there Saturday for a late lunch, was I disappointed? Read on.

Important lesson learned for the day (for bloggers). Never go to a restaurant you want to blog about hungry. I wasn't able to take photos of the menu and the interior. It felt nice inside but it lacked the Japanese vibe compared to the exterior design. They also offer al fresco dining and that area is where you will feel the Japanese vibe. It was well designed complete with lanterns and zen-like decorations.

Going in, it's nice to note that they have a ramp for those who might need it. The left door is an alternative entrance straight to their teppanyaki tables and the door on the right is where the normal dining tables were.

Here's what we ordered:
Salmon Sashimi (2 orders)
Description of sashimi will depend on the available stock delivered for the day so this will depend but in my experience, it was good and sweet, just how I like my salmon sashimi should be. Their wasabi though lacks a bit of bite and their soy sauce was milder than expected. That's easier to fix though.

Uni Sashimi
Same with the salmon, uni was on the sweet side as well and I loved every single slurp of it. Check out the huge serving! It was same with the salmon. If you notice the salmon, each piece is almost two pieces already in other restaurants. The uni was almost a plateful! You don't see restaurants giving these kind of generous serving nowadays.

5pc Ebi Tempura
All praises so far and the tempura didn't disappoint as well. The oil used to fry was not those stinky overused oils so the crisp and taste of the crumbs was perfect with the generous sized prawns inside. It's not often that I get to taste tempura with this kind of consistency similar to what I have tasted in authentic Japanese restaurants in Japan. I hope they can maintain the quality.

Beef Teppan
I only ate two pieces of these because I'm cutting down on beef and pork. The beef was very tender and it tasted good. Thing is, the inside, although soft and tender, lacks taste. You can only taste the flavor outside. It's a good thing if you want to savor the original beef flavor after each bite.

Only had a piece of this because of the same reason stated above. If you ask me, there was nothing special with the meat inside but I love the outer skin. Not too wet, not too dry. It was just right -- sticky right. Just like their steamed rice. Sticky Japanese steamed rice with sesame seeds on top. Makes you want to order 3 cups of it!

Again, I regret not taking a photo of their menu. All in all, we spent around 1,800 pesos. I think is now part of my favorite Japanese restaurant lists and I will frequent this place. I really do hope they can keep the quality constant through time. Highly recommended!

Check out their Facebook page:
Address: 105 Sto. Domingo Street Corner Sct D.M. Alcaraz, Sto. Domingo Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone: 255-5993
Operating Hours: 11am-2pm ; 6pm-11pm

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Dolly T. said...

with all good comments...bought some...but not satisfied. Not what i expected., the dough is hard not crunchy like croissant. The top cream is made of margarine.