Monday, January 12, 2015

Smart Postpaid App Review: Smart myPostpaid

Even without asking for it, Smart has been constantly providing solutions to their customers that helps make things easier. From using your Smart load or postpaid to pay for Android apps, to subscribing to magazines via Buqo or even providing solutions for getting gaming credits easier via GameX, This time, they made account management even easier, within reach inside your pocket with a touch via an app -- the Smart myPostpaid App.

Download via:       Google Play       |       Apple App Store

When they launched the My Smart, it was the most convenient thing ever for me because I can monitor my account anytime I want to check on it by logging-in to my Smart account via web. 3rd quarter last year, they launched the Smart myPostpaid app for iOS (also available on Android) and I used the web version less because it was even more convenient! Simply put, we are being spoiled by Smart (in a good way) by providing these services that provides the same service but takes less time to use.

Registering is simple. Simply download the app via Google Playstore for Android or App Store for iOS devices and follow the very easy step-by-step instructions. Below is what you will see if you haven't logged-in or registered yet:

Let me show you some of the things this Smart myPostpaid app can do (and why you should download it):
On the bottom right, you can see the Smart myPostpaid app icon.
Since I am already registered, clicking the app will open your account directly. To access the menu, click the upper left corner of the screen (3 lines). To go to your account details, simply click "learn more" or click your profile photo as seen on the upper right side of the screen.
Here are the other menu options. Simply click where you want to go.
Here's what you can see when you access your account. You can check your running balance, previous balance, rewards points, bill cut-off and due date, and you can even access a soft copy of your bill!
Here's how the soft copy of the bill looks like. You can zoom-in, zoom-out or go to next page, scroll down etc.
On the menu, you can even get basic information without calling the hotline.

Also, you'll have access to a directory of Smart stores.

Just in case you forgot the hotline or you want to reach them via other means, simply click "contact us" on the menu.
So, why should you download it?
1) Access your account information easier. With just a click, you can view your balance, due date, soft copy of your bill, and more!
2) Instantly view your reward points so you can claim it. Before this app, I never checked my rewards points. In this app, it is very visible and this prompted me to use my rewards points and I got bill rebates! (Check this site for other possible rewards:
3) It's a shortcut for everything Smart. List of Smart stores, FAQs, link to the online store, and more!

...and one of the most useful features is that, you can simply click on "inquire subscriptions" and see a list of packages you are subscribed to and your remaining usage. No need to remember ANY keywords! (To do this, log-in to your myPostpaid account and click on your account details. You will see it below.)

To know more about this app, go to:

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