Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pinoy Vinegar Variants: Which "Suka" is for You?

As a fan of sour food, all my life, my favorite vinegar variants are the Chinese black vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and the traditional white vinegar. I never knew other variants existed. This was until last December when NutriAsia sent over a box -- yes, a box of vinegar variants placed in tiny bottles in a gift-worthy presentation manner.

I'm not sure how they got hold of my home address but it was a pleasant surprise. I haven't thanked them yet because I have no idea who sent it (other than the waybill stating it was from NutriAsia). Well, thank you! I gave some away to share the blessings and I just got to try it last week when I got some take out fried lumpia rolls from Aristocrat. Although it came with their own vinegar, I got excited to try out the ones from Datu Puti.

I never had such a hard time choosing which vinegar variant to use for my fried lumpia! At first glance, you'll see labels up front -- Sukang Tuba, Sukang Iloko, Pinoy Spice, Sukang Sinamak, and Sukang Pula. If you look closer, they mentioned it on the packaging which vinegar matches with what dish.

Sukang Pula (Red Cane Vinegar) is best paired with fried fish.
Sukang Iloko (Sugarcane Vinegar) is best paired with bagnet or lechon kawali.
Pinoy Spice (Spiced Tuba Vinegar) is best paired with okoy.
Sukang Tuba (Coconut Sap Vinegar) is best paired with garlicky or sweet longganisa.
Sukang Sinamak (Spiced Vinegar) is best paired with sugba or inihaw.

Well, I ended up choosing Spiced Vinegar because the floating chili inside the vinegar enticed me. It was a great match!

Thanks again NutriAsia for sending these over!

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