Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cheaper Deal from Cash Cash Pinoy: Patience Does Pay Off

I hate it when this happens. A few weeks ago, I ordered a chair from Ensogo. I checked other deal sites and they were the only one offering it. Anyway, today, I checked Cash Cash Pinoy and it's listed there, cheaper by more than 1,000 pesos! It's not like 1,000 pesos is a huge deal since I got the chair a few weeks in advance but for me, every peso matters. Might be a Fil-Chi thing.

Before purchasing this, I use those white mono-bloc chairs. If you sit for 5-10 minutes, they are fine. More than that, my back aches badly! That's why I don't like it when I have to sit in any kind of plastic monobloc chairs. I endured it for almost 2 years using it and thank God that there are now comfortable computer chairs that are affordable!

Part of my invoice details from Ensogo
Initially seen at Ensogo, the chair costs P2,999 pesos then you will pay the delivery guys P500 in cash. Here in Cash Cash Pinoy, the same chair costs P2,399 and even though delivery fee is at P700, the total amount would still be cheaper at P3,099!

If you are like me who often gets back pain because of sitting in a crappy kind of chair, I suggest you take advantage of this deal because before buying the deal, I also tried looking at office and furniture stores in malls and around Manila. So far, this is the cheapest ever I have found. You know what's better? If you can pick it up from Cash Cash Pinoy office because you would only have to pay P2,399! That's going to be cheaper by more than 1,000 pesos! That's a huge amount of money!

The chair is highly recommendable. The back part can stay straight even though you put acceptable force on it preventing the back part to lean and flex easily, which can cause back strain if you sit for more than 10 minutes. This allows your back to comfortably rest and as a bonus, your neck can rest too because the upper portion has neck support as well. The mesh back prevents you from perspiring because it makes air flow much easier compared to those leather and faux leather chairs. The base where the chair wheels are attached are sturdy and rolls smoothly, without squeaking sounds or friction coming from the wheels and the wheel-case. Chrome base also looks very elegant and though not as wide, the chair can pass as an execute chair as it is high-back.

Office Chair Deal from Cash Cash Pinoy

Overall, paying P3,500 for it was already great but of course, if you can just shell out P2,399 for it, that would be way better! Patience really pays off. Sometimes in experience, sometimes in cash!

Here's the link to the deal just in case you are interested.
(Don't worry, the link is not a referral link nor will I get any commission from it)
Office Chair, Black from Cash Cash Pinoy - P2,399

Oh. And while browsing, I saw these cool keychains. This will be the perfect keychain to something I just recently bought! :)
Link to deal: Click Here

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