Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sun Cellular iBundles - Subscribe to just what you need!

Sun Cellular recently announced the availability of their iBundles. There are 3 bundles to choose from based on what app you usually use that needs to use mobile data. These bundles are charged lower as you'll be charged on a monthly basis for just 199 pesos.

Some of the packages are suited for those always social and on the road. Another is for those who are photography enthusiasts and another for those who needs to check email all the time. Check out more details below on the said Sun iBundles:

Social Bundle
Unlimited access to: Facebook, Twitter, Waze, Foursquare, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Path
Monthly price: 199 pesos
To avail: Text "Social199" and send to 247

Email Bundle
Unlimited access, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,
Monthly price: 199 pesos
To avail: Text "Email199" and send to 247

Photo Bundle
Unlimited access to: Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Regram, Imgur, Tumblr
Monthly price: 199 pesos
To avail: Text "Photo199" and send to 247

For instance, the social bundle will greatly help bloggers because we are almost always online. In fact, even if I'm stuck in traffic right now, I'm checking my social media accounts and blogging this at the same time. To tell you honestly, being bloggers, you need almost all those iBundles but if on a budget, the Social would be the one I will recommend.

Email Bundle are more for those that make major transactions using emails like corporations and business owners. 199 is nothing for them to get the email bundle because it is essential for them and they might even not care about checking their social media accounts often so this bundle is just right for them.

Photo bundle would be perfect for travel bloggers or those photography enthusiasts as they can make the most out of this bundle since when traveling, you most often than not take a lot of photos!

These bundles are all covered by "worry-free" surfing. They call it "Safezone Paywall. Safezone Paywall ensures subscribers will only access sites and apps part of the package they availed.

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