Monday, March 30, 2015

5 reasons why the apple watch will be a resounding success

Apple’s new product, has unsurprisingly brought about a wealth of opinions with regards to the success or lack thereof, that this product will bring to the corporation. Along the years apple has developed a strong market of die hard apple fans, loyal to its brand through and through. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who consider themselves anti apple brand. The former are certain the new product will be a humungous success, while the latter argue that apple will be dealing with a huge miss. 

1. Customer Loyalty
Apple boasts of an almost rock star status amongst its fans. No brand products, generate such unadulterated excitement and euphoria as does apple. Fans count days, wait in line over night, research and read about products incessantly and defend on forums anything that is apple.

Loyalty such as this pays – literally. When you think about it, Apple’s watch has 2 options; to be a massive hit, or to be merely a hit. Consider the fact that Apple’s least successful products the Apple television and the iPod have still sold enough to be considered a resounding success by any other comparative measure. Some 14 million iPod devices have been sold last year, whilst the Apple TV has sold approximately 10 million units.

The truth of the matter is, it is historically evident that no matter what the Apple product is or does, millions of people will still buy it, and this means there can never be an absolute flop for an Apple product today.

2. Quality products
Over the past years Apple has built a reputation for quality and strength of build, without compromise on sleek design. Holding an Apple product against a competitor’s similar product will immediately make the latter feel flimsy. Over the years, Apple has not compromised on quality for the sake of being the first on the market. A case in point is the Apple watch. While Samsung and LG where in a hurry to release a product in order to be the first on the market, sometimes to the detriment of quality, Apple has bid its time to manufacture the best first generation watch it can produce.

Consequently, Apple has become synonymous with quality. Customers are automatically more trusting of a company that is never outwardly putting its interest before quality. In the end anyone interested in buying a wearable smart watch, will choose one of quality any given day. Moreover, as support to the quality products they produce, their after sales support is just as impressive. Take this for example. My friend got a Macbook Pro repaired because of a defective graphics card. It costed her 37,000 pesos+. After a month or so, Apple announced a recall. You'd think that they'll just keep the money as she had it repaired before the recall, right? Well, what Apple did was call her up and informed her that she will get a full refund. That's what I consider quality service and support.

I personally experienced an A+++ service from them. They changed my first generation iPod Nano to one of the newer versions (at that time) without costing me a penny. (Read:

3. Potential
What we currently know is that the functionality of the watch will be greatly affected by the apps that third parties will develop for the watch. Similar to the iPhone and iPad, most functions are yet unknown and because of this, the sky is the limit. Add the fact that most of the apps they produce are as high quality as original Apple apps. Apple is collaborating with third party developers to create innovative functions that will capture the imagination of the customers. This will turn the Apple watch from a luxury to a necessity in the eyes of mainstream clientele.

4. Fashion statement
With the designs unveiled, it is evident that Apple has analyzed the needs and wants of a watch wearer and created enough versatility and options to draw in customers, who do not fall under the tech fanatic category, but rather the fashion conscious individuals who want to be on the mark with new trends. In fact Apple is not targeting the typical tech buyers only, but also vogue readers and fashionistas. Tapping into this market share will ensure that wearing the Apple watch will not be nerdy but trendy.

5. Creating a need
Creating a new need is what Apple does best. Before the iPod, people did not realize how important it is to carry 1000+ songs in your pocket.

Hard core Apple customers will buy the first generation watch and pave way for a better, faster, more efficient second generation product. Similar to what happened with the iPhone and iPad, the market share will grow, as mainstream clientele will realize they need the latest technology for a more comfortable lifestyle.

Honestly, I am not yet sold on getting one right now but the moment I get to try one and see the plethora of apps that will be available, I think that will be my deal breaker. What do you think of the Apple Watch? Yay or Ney?

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