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April 2015: Balesin Island Special

I'm so excited that I will be going back to Balesin again in a couple of days! With that, I will post more Balesin blogs to update you on what's new and what's going on on that beautiful private island.

I have already some posts about it before but with new villages up and new amenities, I'm sure people going there would also be interested to see what they can expect prior to arriving! Or is it only me? Anyway, check out the links below! (These are my past Balesin blogs)

Mykonos Village
Phuket Village
St. Tropez Village
Costa Del Sol Village
Balesin Village: Clubhouse
Bali Village
Balesin Spa & Sports Center
Introduction to Balesin

While I'm still waiting for my exact flight time and details for my upcoming trip, let me post the previous reminders we got prior to our trip to the island.

Balesin Island Flight Terms and Condition (2013 edition)
1. Flight changes must be made not less than 48 hours before the specified departure time. If cancellation is made beyond the specified time the member shall be charged with Php6,000 for each booked seat.
2. Only infants/children up to the age of 24 months shall be considered free of charge.
3. Maximum allowable baggage is up to 10 Kilos per person. Weight in excess of 10 kilos will be charged accordingly.
4. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines, sparkling wines, liquors, spirits and hard drinks may be brought for personal consumption. If there are drinks brought into any of the restaurant bar outlets, a corkage fee of Php 1000.00 per bottle will be charged.
5. Flight schedule shown may change due to weather, air traffic congestion or availability of aircraft .
6. The Club Management may change at any time the regular schedule of any flight or postpone a flight to another day.
7. The Passenger/s must be at the Hangar 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Villa Terms and Conditions:
1. Maximum number of occupants per villa is four (4). Infants/children up to the age of 12 months shall not be included in the headcount. 
2. SMOKING, COOKING and pets are not allowed inside the villa.
3. No show on the confirmed date or Cancellation and revision of reservations that are made in less than 48 hours from the confirmed booking date/s shall be deducted from the member's 14 room night allocations. Should the member have no more remaining room night allocation, he/she shall be
4. Any unsettled charges of the guest shall be for the sponsoring member's account.
Remember that the information above is not yet updated. That was the note on MY PREVIOUS trip. From what I've heard, excess nights now costs P20,000 per villa and the flight is P7,000.
I will try to blog during my trip and I will put an updated link here for my new set of Balesin blogs >>>

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Just check my blog from time to time or return to this post for the update blogs.

Side note for copying images
PS: For those COPYING my photos, please ask permission from me and put a credit. I'm not going to ask money from you. A writer from WIM named Kojie copied my St Tropez photo. I tried to contact him but he deliberately ignored me. Since I personally know Vince, the owner of When In Manila, I just let it go. I just hope that bloggers respect other bloggers properties.

Location of the original and copied photo
Orig: http://www.cheftonio.com/2013/05/balesin-st-tropez-photos.html
Copied: http://www.wheninmanila.com/update-on-balesin-celebrity-politican-wedding/

My photo - The person in blue there in the middle is my wife. That's why I know this photo is mine.
The copied photo located at http://www.wheninmanila.com/update-on-balesin-celebrity-politican-wedding/

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