Friday, March 20, 2015

Figaro Coffee Company Lenten Specials 2015

Figaro has been known to serve Lenten specials every lenten season. Although not everyone follows the tradition of not eating meat, this years specials is a welcome addition to the Figaro menu to add on to the other Figaro offerings we've all loved.

Figaro Breaded Dory Sandwich | P135
There's something that quite connects summer and citrus-y flavors. This breaded dory sandwich from Figaro offered in ciabatta bread is a sure-filler! I almost didn't get to eat the other lenten special because of this! The tartar dressing on the sandwich and the green salad on the side makes you feel you are a complete meal. For 135 pesos, this is one affordable and filling sandwich!

Figaro Basil Gamberetti Pizza | P189
Yes, it looks like a margherita pizza. You're correct! But the chef from Figaro added some shrimps to it! It's a perfect meal for those going meat-less! For 189 pesos, you can't go wrong with it. It's more than enough for one person! You know what matches with it? Their summer coolers!

Aside from new food offerings, they also offer refreshing summer drinks every summer! Some new and some, they have been serving since they started offering summer coolers. This year, they are offering four (4) kinds of summer fusion drinks:
- Peach Capuccino
- Passion Fruit Cucumber
- Lychee Cucumber
- Four Seasons

Aside from the four seasons which has been a mainstay year after year as it is their best seller, the peach cappuccino is a must-try for coffee lovers as it offers a tinge of fruity taste in your usual cold creamy cappuccino. For the cucumber drinks, they are both good as long as you know what to expect -- it's perfect for those wanting to be on the healthier side of the spectrum.

All these food offerings will be available in all Figaro branches throughout the summer! Better visit a Figaro branch near you to get to try their summer offerings!
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