Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Bridge to a Million Dreams: FREE Internet from and Smart, Sun, and Talk n Text

They did it again. Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk n Text, in partnership with (an organization under Facebook) is providing millions of Filipinos access to a wide array of almost limitless information. This partnership is a first in the Philippines and is a huge news as it connects millions and millions of Filipinos to the internet, free of charge.

Coming from a very successful internet for all offer last year, now, under the umbrella, subscribers can visit these sites free of charge:
Facts for Life,
Girl Effect,
Your Money
(Will update this list as I learn about new sites included in the roster)

To use the service, you must be a subscriber of Smart, Talk n Text or Sun Cellular. Download the app on Google Play for free or access the site, using your browser. To know more, text "Internet" to "9999"

Filipinos who do not have internet access in the past can now gain additional knowledge from various sources listed above. They will be updated with the latest news, including weather updates, and even learn more about motherhood or even read facts and figures they never knew in the past.

I think that and PLDT group aims to give Filipinos something better and I consider this partnership with an advocacy or CSR than charity of just giving something for free. The information and knowledge that can be gained from this free service is empowering the Filipinos, specially the youth. It's giving Filipinos something for nothing but in the end, I believe that they have a clear end goal in mind which is to help build a better future for everyone here in our country.

The service targets those who cannot afford to pay for internet access but would really want to learn and be informed. Imagine, someone investing in a 2,000 Talk n Text Android Panalo phone just to access the internet and learn. That is a very affordable device for most of us but it might take a while to save up for that amount for a lot of other people. This opens a new window of opportunity rather than what the usual achievement they can reach. I started my entrepreneurial path in grade school and high school because I was not given any allowance. I learned how to strive and earn for my own money. I cannot say yet I am very successful now but I can try to make money out of something. This all stemmed up from a need (money) to get something (want) that we aim for. Same case with people who has a dream. This offer serves as a bridge to close the gap. As they say-- internet levels the playing field.

I'm sure there will be hiccups on the service but I'm also sure the PLDT group can maintain a certain level of service quality. For those who plan to complain and complain, I'm sure you have the money to pay for internet service or even mobile internet service because the target market for this doesn't have time to sour grape and just wants to improve their current state. Stop complaining using something for free and just pay to use if you want to watch Youtube all day. Again, this service has a different target market. Just saying.

Anyway, I hope that this partnership lasts very long as it will be helpful for the country's future -- even though sometimes we think that our politicians are hopeless case. Let us, the citizens, do the work.

***Smart is an advertiser in this blog. This article is in no way influenced by it. All of the above are my own opinion.***

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