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Misfit Shine vs Jawbone UP24: Which one is for you?

A few days to go and it's already half of the year. How's your "New Year's resolution" to do exercise going? If you're still at it or if you want to add motivation by getting stats and data, getting a fitness tracker is a great way to continue your healthy regimen. We are reviewing 2 of the more famous ones here -- the Misfit Shine and the Jawbone UP 24. Which one is for you? Check out the Pros and Cons of each below.

Since you'll be carrying it around with you a lot, weight will be a major consideration -- The lighter, the better. The best trait would be something that isn't very obtrusive as well. The Misfit Shine weighs 9.4 grams while the Jawbone UP24 is at 21 grams.

In terms of obtrusiveness, Misfit gets the advantage as you can wear it several ways. Jawbone UP24 was a bit obtrusive when using the computer as the bracelet lights your wrist up an inch above the table.

Design and Style
In terms of style, we would have to say that the Jawbone UP24 wins IF you are a guy but for the ladies, the Misfit Shine wins hands down. Not only can you wear the Shine as a neck pendant, you can also attach it on your pocket, wear it as an accessory, or be creative yourself. The Jawbone can only be worn as a bracelet and our review unit, a black one (onyx), looks very good on guys. Other colors available for the Jawbone UP24 are onyx, red, blue, lemon line, persimmon, and pink coral while the Misfit Shine has more colors to choose from like black, grey, champagne (our review unit), Coca-Cola red, sea glass, storm, topaz, and wine. All these colors are the complete line-up but are subject to local availability from their respective Philippine distributors.

Other design features that you must take note of in the Jawbone UP24 is the cap. There's a chance that you might misplace it as you need to remove it to charge the device. It won't look as good if you lose the cap and it might affect the water-resistant feature too. Also, I'm not quite sure of the rubber material used if it will turn gooey in the long run. For the Misfit Shine, the thing is well built and you need to pry open the back to change the battery (to be discussed later). There's less chance of losing anything important with the Misfit Shine.

Misfit Shine -1 ; Jawbone UP24 -0

Style (Stylish for men and women)
Misfit Shine -1 ; Jawbone UP24 -1

Overall Design (Obtrusiveness, built)
Misfit Shine -1 ; Jawbone UP24 -0

The Jawbone UP24 lasts around 1 week or so in one full charge and just needs to be recharged for an hour. To charge it, remove the cap from the Jawbone and attach the provided cable to it. You can charge it at almost any USB port. There's a bit of a problem if you leave the charging cable behind because it's not a MicroUSB cable. On one end, the USB is generic but on the other, the port looks like a 2.5mm hole. For the Misfit Shine, since it's using the Bluetooth low energy technology, the CR2032 watch battery which they said to last around 4-5months. This is very convenient to have right until you have to buy a battery. Battery is readily available in almost all watch shops and changing it is very simple. To change the battery, refer to the other blog I made about it. (Click Here)

The winner for us here is the Misfit Shine. Although you need to go out to buy a battery if it drains out, it will be less of a hassle than needing to charge it weekly as sometimes, there is a bigger risk of you forgetting to charge it before the moment you actually need to use it.

Misfit -1 ; Jawbone -0

Pairing / Data Sync
I had slightly a harder time pairing the Jawbone UP24 with my device compared to the Misfit Shine. Out of the box, it was harder to understand how to operate the Jawbone UP24 as I didn't know where the button was unlike the Misfit Shine where the entire face acts as a tap sensitive button.

Both devices requires Bluetooth connection to sync data but I have no idea why both need internet connection to sync the data from the device to your phone. A good improvement would be to update the software to enable syncing without internet and just update the 'cloud' data as soon as you connect the device to the internet.

I've also noticed the Misfit Shine has somewhat an edge in terms of syncing because it doesn't automatically connect to the Bluetooth unless on command. For the Jawbone UP24, the moment I activate my Bluetooth and the Jawbone UP24 is in range, it connects to it (You'll know it is connected because of the Jawbone bracelet band icon reflected on the top portion of your screen). This is disadvantageous as it can drain both the device and the phone's battery faster.

Pairing / Data Sync
Misfit -1 ; Jawbone -0

OS Compatibility and Apps
Both Jawbone UP24 and Misfit Shine has apps on both Android OS and Apple iOS. Here are the respective apps compatible with them:

Jawbone UP24
MyFitness Pal, IFTTT, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Strava, Nest, Pact, Wello, Tictrac, Sleepio, Withings, Lose It!, Whistle, Automatic, Munchery, PlateJoy, NuMi, SmartThings, Yonomi, 30-Minute Dinners, For Vegans By Vegans, Words to Inspire, and The Veggie Bite.
Android Jawbone UP File Size: 50MB
iOS Misfit File Size: 95.7MB

Misfit Shine
Lose It!, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, Walgreens, IFTTT, and MapMyFitness.
Android Misfit File Size: 9.8MB
iOS Misfit File Size: 45.7MB

Although each one of them might be adding more apps that will be compatible as time passes, these are the compatible apps listed as of the time this article was written. We'll have to give Jawbone UP24 2 points for this category because of the massive list of apps compatible with it. While we think that what Misfit Shine compatible apps is enough, we believe that the more apps compatible with the device, the more people will be leaning on choosing the more flexible one.
Compatibility with OS and Apps

Misfit -0 ; Jawbone -2

Jawbone UP24
We love how you can manually set the device to sleep mode. Hold the button for 2 seconds and you can see the sun icon turn into a moon (sleep mode). Do that again and you immediately switch to day mode. Also, you can enable vibration reminders or even set 'silent' alarms. For some, auto-sync might be a plus so we'll have to mention it here. One great thing about it is the fact that it has inactivity alerts. Once you've been inactive for awhile, it vibrates to remind you of it.

What we don't like about it is the fact that we cannot view or day-progress without syncing it to the phone first. This one doesn't track elevation as well and has no display, which is the number one CON for us and, you can only wear it one style (as bracelet).

Misfit Shine
Our most favorite thing yet is the fact that you can swim with it. It is waterproof for up to 50meters and we believe that so far, this is the only device capable of that. Other fitness trackers are just usually water resistant for you to be able to use it under the rain. Another cool thing is that it doubles as a watch. In the settings, you can set it to display the watch first before your daily progress or vice versa. Speaking of it being classy, Misfit has released several leather bands to use with your Misfit Shine. They also developed accessories around the device that you can use with your Shine like the sport sock, which has a small pocket that allows you to keep your Misfit Shine securely there and forget about it. Oh, and it also tracks elevation.

For the things it can track, it can measure steps, calories burned, distance, sleep quality, and sleep duration.

The sleep monitoring is great too. Although it can't be manually activated, it studies you and know when you are sleeping. The thing I noticed with this is that it doesn't go back to sleep mode when you wake up in the middle of the night, say 3am and go back to sleep at 4am. It will record data on 'sleep' mode.

Misfit -1 ; Jawbone -0

Data Accuracy
We have been using both Fitness trackers to compare the data accuracy and our results match with other reviews out there -- in terms of accuracy in measurement, Misfit Shine (worn on wrist) achieved the smallest discrepancy. Test was done by running/jogging on a route then checking the data then running again. Out of several runs, Misfit Shine logged the fewest difference compared to the Jawbone UP24. When swimming, Misfit Shine has a stroke counter while Jawbone UP24 utilizes the arm movement sensors to count the number of strokes.

Data Accuracy
Misfit -1 ; Jawbone -0


Even though we tried to be as extensive as we can, we can't try all activities to check how each fitness trackers measures it. We simply tried the most generic and popular activity to do, which is running. To be honest, we wouldn't even be reviewing these two trackers if none of us liked it so among the pool of trackers out there, we decided to compare these two.

So, what shall you get? If design is big for you, of course, you choose what you like. Both are great fitness trackers. If you are a swimmer, the no-brainer choice would be the Misfit Shine. Some people love the 'inactivity' reminder of the Jawbone UP24. Basing it on the points we made, here's a summary.

Weight - Misfit (1pt)
Style - Misfit (1pt) / Jawbone (1pt)
Overall Design - Misfit (1pt)
Battery - Misfit (1pt)
Pairing / Data Sync - Misfit (1pt)
Compatibility with OS and Apps - Jawbone (2pts)
Features - Misfit (1pt)
Data Accuracy - Misfit (1pt)

Misfit - 7 pts
Jawbone - 3 pts

Overall winner with these 2 going head-on, Misfit Shine. We'd love to say that it was a well deserved win mainly because of the style, battery life, water-proof abilities and dual-purpose display. Both fitness trackers are available locally.

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