Sunday, May 10, 2015

Smart Video Bundles: For those who watch videos on the go!

I knew they'd create something like this to cater to heavy video watchers! This is a welcome "bundle" subscription if you love to watch YouTube videos, as well as video from other sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Viewstream, Skype Qik, and even the now famous Dubsmash on your mobile phones!

Smart, being the leader in wireless I assume did a study about mobile data consumption because being in the Philippines where there is a lot of waiting time, people resort to use this so called "spare" unproductive time to either entertain or educate themselves. Watching videos is one of the more popular ways to do so and with these affordable plans, they won't need to worry about their data consumption. Check out the prices of the bundled video plans below for video streaming:

(To give you an idea/estimate, the last one mentioned in minutes is the average minutes you can get out of the subscribed bundle, when viewing standard definition videos)

Youtube5 / 65MB / Valid for 1 day / Est. 15 mins SD videos
Youtube25 / 160MB / Valid for 1 day / Est. 35 mins of SD videos
Youtube50 / 400MB / Valid for 3 days / Est. 90 mins of SD videos
Youtube199 / 1200MB / Valid for 30 days / Est. 270 mins of SD videos

To avail of the offer, simply text "Youtube199" to 9999
(Just change the Youtube keyword to the subscription that you want.)
For easier recall, you can also subscribe by dialing *121. You can see there all of Smart's existing promos and subscriptions.

For safety, once you have fully consumed your subscription, you will be redirected to a "paywall" or receive a notification about it. This way, users can be aware of the status of their subscription. This is such a great package and a lot of people will surely benefit from this because I know Smart delivers.

This is a personal testimonial: Being a Smart subscriber for years already, they have been my reliable source of mobile data and I am confident to promote their service because I myself has experienced this reliability firsthand.

For more info, visit

(Image from PinoyTechBlog)

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Anonymous said...

finally I can watch youtube anytime, anywhere

Anonymous said...

love the new bundle promo by smart. sulit!

Anonymous said...

mas malakas nga signal ng smart eh