Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sun is still a good value for your money! We compared it with Globe Postpaid

I clearly remember back in 2004 when all of us in our family applied for a Sun Postpaid line in World Trade Center. It was a bold move for us because we got Plan 1000 from a telco that was fairly new back then. No regrets whatsoever. Sun stood for value for money ever since. I don't think they're going to change anytime soon too in terms of what they stand for.

To prove that they still are a bang for your buck, I made this comparison below on a postpaid plan from both Sun and Globe,

As you can see on the table above, Sun postpaid plan is cheaper than the Globe postpaid plan by 49 pesos per month BUT you get better value for money. One, you get a free Android phone from Sun  (Link: while in Globe, Plan 499 gives you nothing. Unli Calls and Unli SMS is offered for both Sun and Globe postpaid so they are tied.

*Not the actual free phone.
Here's a big difference. Sun offer 250 SMS to other networks. Converting it to Peso value, that alone is worth 250 pesos! So other than initially saving 49 pesos, you also save 250 pesos, giving you a total savings of 299 pesos! Again, Sun Plan 450 comes with a free Android phone.

Going into details a bit for the data allocation part. Sun is easy peasy to explain. You get 20 hours of mobile data that can be used anywhere you want. For Globe, you can just use it in 1 out of 3 pre-selected apps pack. I'd say the better choice is the one that gives you the freedom to use it in whatever way you want. Sun is still the better choice for giving 20 hours open access to anywhere I want to use it to.

So there. I guess I proved my point that Sun still offers a good value for your hard earned money. Anyway, gone were the days when there was network congestion (If you recall back in the days where it was hard to call Sun to Sun). Sun has improved a lot and that problem is already inexistent now. How'd I know? Remember when I said we had Sun plans back in 2004? All of us still have it to date. I use it as my second line because my main line is a Smart postpaid. And you know what, just to show that I am really satisfied with this group, I also have a PLDT Landline+ with me everyday. Am I being sponsored? Here's a disclaimer. I pay for my Smart postpaid but my Sun and PLDT Landline+ is sponsored... by my parents. ;)

Other than Sun postpaid, Sun also has prepaid and broadband (both postpaid and prepaid). I will do a separate comparison on those as well. So there. I really think I've proven my point that with Sun, you'll surely get the bang out of your buck! Sun even beat Globe in the postpaid comparison above for giving you more savings plus a free handset! Other than being the better choice, Sun is also the practical choice and obvious choice!

This image from Sun is the perfect image for this post! :)

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