Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Afternoon Snack at La Creperie Shangri-La

After doing much of our errands, we decided to eat before finally heading home. We happen to be going down to the second floor when something pushed me to go to the western part of the mall. This has been the "not so visited" part of the mall but we were very happy to see "La Creperie" sign - we've finally found a place to eat our snack!

Although the alley was a semi-desserted area, La Creperie had a lot of diners. Good thing that there was still enough seats to accommodate us. Since it was more of a stall in the middle of the alley, seats are compressed so if you have issues with space, you may want to seat on the outer tables. It was both our first time so honestly, we didn't have any idea what to order.

Because it was more of a dessert/coffee place and my husband was a bit hungry, we decided to order a pasta and crepe.

Since he is a fan of white sauce, he ordered Pesto Cream Carbonara with ham and mushroom. As simple as the dish may sound, it was good! The photo below doesn't actually justify the creaminess of the dish. What we loved about it was the fact that simple ingredients tasted extraordinary.

Pesto Cream Carbonara - Php 275.00

Me having a sweet tooth picked their sinful Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe. 
I was not disappointed with my order - it was perfect to satisfy my chocolate craving. In my opinion, it tasted better than that of Todd English's OMG. Why? Because the ice cream used by La Creperie was vanilla - there was contrast hence it balances out the sweetness of the chocolate.
Double Chocolate Brownie Crepe - Php 265.00
They do have a gimmick which we actually found good to market their food online. All you needed to do was to follow the instructions written and they give you coffee for free! I actually read about it right after my husband ordered Cafe Glace so he ended up enjoying cold coffee fix (which was actually worth ordering) and the free brewed coffee after his meal.
La Creperie is located at Unit K 206 & 207 Level 2 of Shangri-La Plaza Mall near Kate Spade. We will definitely go back (maybe at their New Manila branch) to try more of their crepes! 

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