Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wife Corner: Sundate at the Bunny Baker

Our Sundays are usually spent with families but last Sunday, husband and I were able to have our quick date after going to the grocery.  Since we passed by Hemady Square, we decided to park and head to the Bunny Baker for a quick snack.

Located at the 2nd level, the quickest way to get there is via elevator (but you can always use the stairs to burn more calories). 
When exiting the elevator, you will see the Bunny Baker to your left
What you will notice upon entering is the place is properly lighted (both natural and artificial) and it's very warm and cozy - perfect for kids and kids at heart. You will also notice that the bunny ambiance everywhere.

Counter with cupcakes and gelato
The light and cozy ambiance makes it attractive for kids

Utensils separated by color - light blue vs light pink

They have a wide variety of gelato flavors

choosing which gelato to eat for dessert
Cakes on display

Disney tsum tsum!
My husband was hungry so he decided to order pasta while I on the other hand wanted to eat something lighter. Below are the food that we ordered:

Creamy Pesto - Php 275.00
Because of the price, I was expecting a bit more on the serving of their creamy pesto.  Just two days ago we ate at La Cereperie and my husband ordered their creamy pesto too. The serving there is way bigger and both costs the same. I hope they do some improvement on the taste so that the dish will be worth the price.

The Bunny Cristo - Php 220.00
I wasn't expecting much on the Bunny Cristo since it was just your basic breakfast sandwich (bread, cheese, ham, dressing) but this was the highlight of our snack. It was just too yummy and the raspberry preserve made it even better! It's definitely a must try!

Salted Caramel Gelato - Php 110.00
Since gelato is really expensive (it costs around 2euro for a scoop in Italy), we were expecting it to costs more but was surprised that for Php 110, the serving was huge enough to be shared and enjoyed by both my husband and I. Salted caramel was a good choice, we loved every single bit of it. My husband, who is not a fan of ice cream, had quite a few spoons of it.

Just like La Creperie, they do have the social media marketing too. All you need to do is follow the instructions and they will be giving you a pink lemonade for free! They have a free wifi by the way, so you could upload and immediately claim your drink!

We will definitely come back to try more of their gelato and their signature Skilletor and Ooey Goey plated desserts!

Bunny Baker Menu:

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