Monday, June 8, 2015

Cheftonio's Blog Update: What's Up?

It's been a while since I posted tech related stuff and other personal thoughts in this blog. I feel obliged to do an update on what's happening to Cheftonio's blog so that my 900++ followers won't feel left out. If you just visited this blog, welcome! For subscribers and return visitors, thank you for your continuous support. I started blogging only getting 10 readers a day. If you want to start blogging, just start without caring how many people reads your blog OR how much you can earn. That's not going to get you far.

As many of you know, I started this blog way back 2007 as part of my work requirement. Having made 5 blogs that time, I retained this one. Throughout the years, even though I know I'm not that creative as a writer, this blog gained following and traffic grew. But this year, I was thinking of where this blog was going. After much contemplation, me and my wife decided on splitting THE BLOG, not us. Just making myself clear.

She will take control of Cheftonio's blog and I will still write from time to time and I will start a brand new lifestyle blog (tech, travel and lifestyle) more focused for men, while Cheftonio's blog will retain the current theme of lifestyle but, more on food, family, travel, and tech theme like it was originally planned to be after it being a full political, full food, and what I have mentioned above is the final and 3rd version of the theme. Similar with studies, some will know the course they will take after a few years in college. Since this is generally a personal blog concentrating on those themes, my new blog will also be similar but I will apply a different approach and writing style with that. That's the course I want to take.

I also felt the need to stop watermarking my photos because one, it destroys the "art" and two, those who will copy will go the extra mile to remove your watermark anyway. I'm not saying that you can now copy my photos. There's still a process of asking basic permission and basic photo crediting (and for some reason, I've always caught those copying my photos without permission, 99% of the time). I will still be watermarking very few selected photos, just to make myself clear. If I think that photo is worth spending time, putting a watermark on, I will, but more discreetly (hide and seek type to make those planning to get my photos a harder time). The new blog will put emphasis on photos and videos while still writing about my personal thoughts in it. Personal thoughts in almost every post has always been that way with Cheftonio's blog and I was converted way back to be a firm believer that press releases do not add value to a blog because it basically sounds like an advertisement in between TV shows. Unless I firmly and strongly believe in the product and unless it has a good story, it won't appear there anymore.

With regards to advertising or events, you can ask my blogger friends how I seldom go to event nowadays. It's because I am very picky already due to my busy schedule. As most bloggers would say, it's not about the loot bag but how much the event will add value to the blog. Is it an exclusive coverage? Will we be the first ten to know? But, to tell you honestly, those loot bags tell you how the PR or brand values your presence and effort -- not as payment. But, if the event can justify that just being there is a privilege enough? I'll be there. For those who has supported me in this blog, you'll also be there in my next blog. It just means that I really believe in you that I will still support you.

I won't transfer the contents from this blog to the new one because this is where the articles belong. Some articles might not match the new theme anyway. Remember, I started writing about political stuff? Well, even though election is near, no way am I going near that again. Too busy to be minding the political scene in the Philippines.

I do hope that you still support me in my next blog. Please continue supporting this first blog of mine though. My wife is a great writer and a bean counter (CPA). I'm sure she can drive this blog better! Like I said, I'll still be writing here for time to time -- like host giveaways or contests.

Thanks for your time reading this update. See you around (online)! :)

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