Monday, June 15, 2015

Shopping Corner: Rustan's The Great Summer Sale 2015

The past week has been a busy one as we celebrated our baby's first birthday. Preparing for his party was one thing and fixing all everything after the party was another. It was also our wedding anniversary week but we decided to postpone our celebration since a lot of things needed to be done.

Hubby and I were finally able to go out and date last Friday since it was holiday - we could leave the baby with my parents. We decided to go to Shangri-La since we needed to do a few errands as well. Twas a good thing that we arrived just before 1pm - we actually didn't know that it was Rustan's great summer sale!

It was a good thing that our car was parked in a nice location where I could pump comfortably - we didn't check the nursing section because the last time we were there it was under repair and I doubt that the single nursing room will be vacant since there were a lot of people shopping.

Will be posting our Shangri-La shopping and food trips in another entry. Rustan's had a 3-day special sale for Rustan's Citi-cardholders and fsp2 cardholders until June 14, but their great summer sale will be running until the 30th of June.

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