Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Costa Coffee - Now in Manila!

Finally! The coffee shop I've been seeing in almost all the countries that I go to is finally here in Manila! When I first heard about them opening shop here, I immediately scanned through all my photos because I know that some time, some place, I've visited a Costa Coffee shop, minimum of two or three times. After hours of searching, I found one! I took the photo above in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It's one of their most famous coffee shops there. I know I've also tried Costa in Singapore and UK but sadly, I didn't take photos during those times.

Little did I know about Costa's history, until now. Founded in 1971 (as you can also see in the photo above, written as part of the signage) by two brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa, on a cold London afternoon. Both of them were coffee lovers and that led them to create something out of their passion -- a cafe. I'm just glad that since Costa has over 3,000 stores worldwide, they are finally here in the Philippines!

One of their most famous blends, the Mocha Italia is to this date a top secret original recipe of Costa Coffee. The Arabica and Robusta beans used are still slow roasted all the way back in London! Imagine that! Sipping a piece of London with every cup!

Here's a "did-you-know" trivia about Costa Coffee:
Did you know that Costa employs a coffee master named Master Genarro Peliccia in which his tongue is insured for GBP 10 million! That makes him own the world's most expensive tongue!
(Link to news article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/foodanddrinknews/4957333/Costa-Coffees-taster-has-tongue-insured-for-10-million.html) To give you an idea of how valuable his tongue is, Heidi Klum's legs are insured for GBP 1.15 million only. Bruce Springsteen's voice for GBP 3.5 million, and America Ferrera's smile for GBP 5 million. Just half of what Costa's coffee master's tongue is insured for. Talk about golden tongue! I'm sure if he has a son or daughter, they would surely have silver spoons!

Costa is going to give other coffee shops around town a hard time because of the high quality of standards in terms of service and products they provide. This has yet to be proven but based on their track record, each barista is rigorously trained in various Costa Coffee Academies around the world. This is why they can boast that each cup is handmade by the best baristas in the industry.

For me, I can't wait to visit one of their branches soon and try out their offerings! I'm sure it would be as good as those abroad but still, I want to try it out first before I say anything. By the way, in each store opening, they will have this cool promo. From 2-4pm of the opening day, order your Frostino Mocha cream using your best British accent and get it for free! Can't wait to visit one of their branches! Here's to hoping that this would be the coffee chain that will be my favorite! Cheers!

Costa Coffee Branches in the Philippines (2015):
Eastwood (Near Sambokojin/ Something Fishy)
Robinson's Ermita
Tera Towers
Bonifacio Global City
Robinson's Antipolo

Check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CostaCoffeePH

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