Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mommy Corner: It is Important to Have your Helpers Health Checked

Taking care of the entire household is part of being a mother and ensuring that our children is safe to mingle with out househelp is part of it.

Just recently, friends have told us to conduct blood tests and xrays for newly hired helpers at home. This is because one of their nanny had tuberculosis and as a result, their kids also caught the disease and is under medication for 6 months.

I actually had our helpers checked when they were newly employed last year but then I realized that we should have them checked annually to make sure that they are healthy and that my baby is safe whenever he is under our helpers' care.

Hi-Precision offers driver/yaya package for Php 685.00. This includes the basic blood test to check whether they have Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B, Chest x-ray to make sure that they don't have lung problems (tuberculosis) and fecalysis to check whether they have stomach infection. Of course you may want to have additional tests but normally, checking for Hepa and tuberculosis is good enough to make sure that your little one is safe when under their care.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics has branches all throughout the Philippines. For a complete list together with their contact numbers, you may visit their website at

Their typical yaya/driver package includes:
1. Fecalysis
2. HBsAg (Screening)
3. A - HAV IgM (Hepa-A)
4. CXR PA (14x14)

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