Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's In Your Baby Bag?

Having a baby is not very easy, so is going out with a baby. You literally have to bring your entire household to make sure that all your baby's needs are ready.

So what's in your baby bag? Let me show you how our baby bag looks like. Because I'm an OC mom who always make sure that I have everything packed, we purchased a spacious baby bag to make sure that all my baby's needs will fit inside.
We purchased a large LeSportSac Baby Bag with a Diaper Changing Mat

Having a Packing Cube from KIT would keep your baby stuff organized

Contents of the Mini Packing Cube from KIT
My Packing Cube Contains the following items:
1. Diapers
2. Bib/"Lampin"
3. Wetbag - For dirty clothes so that baby's clean clothes wouldn't be contaminated
4. Jacket
5. Extra Sets of Clothing
Other Basic needs that we bring are the following:
1. Wet Ones
2. Hand Sanitizer
3. Tissue
4. Plastic Bag - to put dirty diaper in case there is no trash bin nearby
First Aid Kit
Our First Aid Kit contains wet tissue (different from wet ones), band-aid, cotton and Betadine ointment.
Multi-Zipper Pouch that serves as baby's First Aid Kit

Depending on whether you baby is breastfed or bottlefed, one may have different needs. In my case (mix-feeding), I usually bring the following:
Formula and Water
Breastmilk with Insulated bag and ice 
My Insulated Bag for Breastmilk Storage

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