Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Own Corner: Diet for Acne Prone Skin

Like most people, I am no exception to having breakouts. I am in my early thirties now and I clearly remember the times when I couldn't even look at the mirror because I'd be frustrated with my face. I remember 3 periods in my life having these breakouts: adolescent years, college years (stress), and mid-20s. 

I consider my mid-20s to be the worst and I literally had a low self-esteem - this was because pimples were all over my face and I even remember friends telling me (in a courteous way) to seek an opinion of a different dermatologist. 

Through the help of a family friend, I was recommended to a dermatologist who was really good but what I was instructed not to eat drastically changed my figure and my face. It's like cleansing and diet in one. The major ingredient that I was to avoid was - DAIRY. This was literally the hardest and most difficult ingredient because almost everything I ate included this, but for the sake of improving my skin, I had to give it a try because there is nothing to lose.

Cakes, chocolates, milk, white sauce dishes were out. Eggs (except for organic ones) were also not allowed. I was also to stay away from cheese because apparently, cheese were the ones that usually cause the inflammation and blockage of pores. Oh, and I had to change my shampoo to Neolia because I had to avoid a major ingredient in shampoo back then: dimethicone. My dermatologist mentioned that I had to avoid the dairy foods for a certain period of time and when my face starts to improve, I can slowly bring them back. I had to see him once every 2-3 weeks so that he could clean my face (remove pimples, whiteheads and blackheads) pimples slow down. 

Before childbirth, I was known to be the skinny one in the family so imagine how this diet affected my weight. I lost 10 pounds in just a few weeks. After 6-8 months, my skin improved a lot and there were no more pimples. My monthly derma-cleaning became every 2-3 months, then every six months, and the last time I had my face cleaned was July 2012. Sometimes, I ask my husband to drop-by the clinic to buy me the soap that I needed but recently, unless I put makeup or creams on, I don't really wash my face with soap.

I've gradually increased my dairy intake and currently am doing well, pimples of course do come from time to time but I'm not breaking out like before - the right diet and food goes a long way!

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