Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mommy Corner: Mom & Baby Tub

When your baby has already reached the age where they don't want to lie down anymore, it normally follows that even during bath time, they get tired of lying down and just wanted to sit or stand. I've had this problem during my baby's 10th month and because I classify him as one of those "Super Makulit," there are days when it seemed like I was the one who took a shower and there were days when my son literally had shower only (no shampoo and soap) because he was too active while taking a bath.

The best bath tub would literally be a big pail with a seat inside. I asked my husband to look for one as the one I saw online costs almost Php 2,000.00. Honestly, it was okay for us to spend this amount if this was just his first tub, however, we have already used several tubs prior to this and we weren't sure that this pail tub would ease him down during bath time.

Good thing that he went to SM Baby Company and was able to find this Mom & Baby Bath Tub. It is similar to the one we saw online but costs less (Php 1,199.75). Bath time has been easier since we used this tub, there are still those times when my son still stands and jumps while taking a bath, but at least he is more secured inside this tub.
Top View of the Mom & Baby Tub
Mom & Baby Tub has a removable chair
The Tub has a higher back (for the seat) and lower front for easier access when bathing

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