Monday, July 6, 2015

Foodie Corner: Vikings Buffet at SM the Block

I am not a fan of buffets, this is probably because burning calories now is not as easy as before. There are a few quality buffets in the metro that is worth trying though so there is always an exception. Just last week, my parents' free buffet at Vikings c/o Citibank is already expiring, so on a Monday evening, we decided to head to The Block to try this restaurant. Yes, its my first time, I've been to their sister company Niu twice already so more or less, I am expecting it to be similar.

My first dish - everyone's favorite: Taho
Because of traffic along Quezon Avenue, we sort of arrived late, around 840 if I'm not mistaken. Good thing that we had reservations and my sister arrived earlier to secure our seats. One of the downside of bringing a baby and eating in a buffet? You feed the baby first and watch your family eat. It has happened numerous times already and honestly, I prefer a sit-down meal because there is no need for you to stand up and scout for the food you wanted. While my son ate dinner, I asked my husband to grab soy pudding in caramel sauce with tapioca balls (aka taho). He finished dinner around 9plus so there was not much time for me to scout for food. Good thing that while my son and my family were eating, they were able to recommend which foods are yummy and worth eating. I then asked my husband to get me these dishes.
My first plate - full of carbo: rice, japchae, maki, bread!
After finishing my first plate, it was already 930. I stood up to check on what else I could eat - boy I was surprised that most stations were almost empty and because they close at 10, they didn't refill most of the dishes already. The sushi and carving section were already empty, good thing that my sister already got a few slices of roast beef and shared me some. 
The Salad Station is just across our table
Good thing there was still a few pieces of Ebi tempura left for me!
A few pieces of maki left for the day
There are a lot of beverages to choose from!

Raw food section: Already empty when I checked it out!
 Another thing I noticed was the staff didn't inform the guests that it is almost closing time. When the clocked struck 10, everything was simultaneously taken by the waiters in the buffet stations. I remember my mom telling me that she just turned to look at the baby and when she turned back, everything was already gone. I know that all the waiters are already tired and wanted to go home, but at least they could have left the dessert station open for another 10 minutes so that people won't be rushing  and cramming in getting their sweets. I do hope that they improve soon, they have good food but how they handle closing time is not very professional, especially when there are still people getting their food and staffs who were stationed there are simultaneously taking food away. It's very rude - management should take note of this as good service is an important arm of having a quality buffet.

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