Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mommy Corner: Tips on your Children's Birthday Parties

Even though I am one of those OC moms and have organized and coordinated small parties, there is always room for improvement and there is always new learning. Allow me to share with you a few things to take note of when doing your child's birthday party.

On Family Portraits:
Request your photographer to come early. It is better to take family portraits BEFORE the event because all of you are still fresh and baby is still energetic. Photos taken after would mean tired daddy, oily face for mommy and sleeping baby.

On Food Carts:
We decided to do tickets on our food carts and opened it to the public during the latter part of the party. A lot of people wondered why we had to implement the ticket system if are to open it anyway.  There are some who came late and if you are one of those, you would still want to have your share in these food carts right? Also, we wanted to balance out the supply of these as the headcount of food carts were less than that of the actual number of guests.
We made our own food cart stubs - thanks to my sister who helped in the layout
On Crew Meals:
We had an overflow of food because a lot of people were not able to make it, so here are a few things to take note especially when taking note of your supplier meals.
If you are doing a buffet 
For those suppliers who will be eating prior to the event. it is best to pre-order dishes for them so that your buffet table will remain in tact. Usually the entertainers eat after your event so as long as there is enough food from the buffet, you need not order food. I ordered 20 crew meals and I ended up bringing home the 10 apart from the excess food from the buffet.

On Seating Arrangement:
Similar to that of weddings, it is also ideal to have a seatplan ready. Of course it is not 100% perfect but more or less, you have grouped your guests accordingly so it will be easier and more organized. Because we didn't have any coordinator (our siblings helped us out on the registration), my husband and I decided to color-code our tables. Our labels were in different colors and those match the seat plan in the registration table. So for our immediate family members, we coded it with yellow on the guest list with the corresponding yellow label on the table - it will be easier for guests to locate their respective tables through color coding.

On Payments to Suppliers:
Because final payment to suppliers are usually done after the party, it is best to prepare cash vouchers with the balances enclosed separate envelops to avoid confusion on the day. Mommies, you will be very busy and tired by the end of the party to even count money and pay your suppliers one by one. Usually, suppliers require cash payment since they will also be paying their staff so it is best to ensure that supplier payments are endorsed to someone who can safeguard cash for you.

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