Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kitchen Corner: Hurom Slow Juicer HH Series Review + July Promo

Using your Hurom juicer for the first time may be challenging - Do take note that you need to make time to prepare your ingredients so you will also need commitment here. Why do I say this? A lot of people think that buying a slow juicer is already it, what they don't realize is that ingredients used in slow juicers should be chopped into smaller pieces. You can actually buy most fruits in the grocery that is already chopped but there are still those fruits and vegetables that needed to be peeled and chopped only when you are about to consume them like apples, pears and oranges.

Hurom HH Series Juicer in Silver

Parts of a Hurom HH Series Slow Juicer (The stick and the flat base on the leftmost part is the drying stand)

Washing and drying you juicer is very simple. For the HH Series, Hurom provides a drying station so that your juicer parts are in tact and easily accessible when you are to assemble it. What's also good is that brushes are provided so that you would not have a difficult time washing the strainers. Also, when you plan to use the juicer more than once a day, you can actually clean the juicer with water. After your first set of juicing, turn the motor on and pour your clean water so that the pulps inside the core will be flushed out.
This is how you dry your HH Series parts
Brush is provided to make sure your juicer parts are cleaned properly
For the assembly, you can ask a demo when you are about to purchase it and of course, the juicer itself comes with a manual of recipe and guidebook for usage. Inside the juicing recipe are also guides on how to prepare your ingredients (how to peel and cut) to maximize the juices.
Hurom Recipe/Guidebook/User Manual
There are also safety sensors to make sure you were able to assemble it properly before the juicer will actually run. In the past few days, we have actually juiced apple, oranges, kiwi, celery and carrots. I'm very much satisfied with the result. I remember back them when my husband and I only had the citrus juicer, we needed at least 3 oranges PER person to fill a glass of orange juice. With the Hurom slow juicer, all we needed was 3 pieces of Orange and 1 piece of Apple to fill TWO glasses (more than 500ml) In the long run, you will be able to save money on the ingredients. Because we share our juice with our son, we opt for fruits first and then will gradually infuse vegetables. Below is a sample of our juicing just recently.
You will need to cut your fruits into smaller pieces to maximize juicing (3 pieces of orange and 1 apple)
Hurom Juicer at work

The output: More than 500ml for 3 Oranges and an Apple

Good news for those who are waiting for promo from Hurom! This July to August 2015, Hurom has a special discount for those who will trade-in their old juicers and buy their HA Series (first generation Hurom).
Based on their Facebook Page:
Simply trade-in your old juicer or blender (any brand) and get a 5,000 pesos discount when you buy Hurom Slow Juicer (HA100 Series). Promo period is from July 1 to August 31, 2015 only!
*Payment should be via cash or credit card straight payment

For more details, you can check their page at: Hurom Philippines FB

For inquiries, you can call or text their hotlines at 404-1398 or 0905-4711007

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