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Buffalo Wild Wings - For Sports Aficionados and Everyone in the Family!

Whenever we visit one of our clients near the Pasig area, we try to grab a snack before heading back as we do not frequent this area. Since a new mall, the Estancia Mall at Capital Commons opened, we've been going there to check out the area and try out new restaurants. This time, we tried Buffalo Wild Wings -- a restaurant that is also present in Canada.
As we enter, I was expecting it to be similar to National Sports Grill because of the wide screen monitors setup all over showing different sport shows. This was a bit different though. From what our eyes could see, we counted 25 flat screen monitors hanging, switched on at the same time! You could already count 8 (facing the camera) in the photo below!

Just wanting to try the food that they order and me being famished as it was already 3pm and I didn't have lunch yet, we proceeded to order. Here's what we got:
House Blend Bottomless Iced Tea | Php 105
By this time, we already found out that this restaurant was owned by Bistro Group here in the Philippines. Bistro Group is the same franchise holder for several big brand restaurants like TGI Fridays, Itallianis, Bulgogi Brothers, and more. With that said, I proceeded to get my Iced Tea fix because so far, I love their Iced Teas across their branches. Anyway, it's perfect for the hot weather that day too! I just don't want to order Iced Tea that I can make at home (You know, the powdered iced tea type). In all Bistro restaurants, they make their own blend of iced tea.

Black & Bleu Burger | Php 525 
No need to guess who ordered this burger. MEEE! At first, I thought that the name of the burger sounded beat up but when it was served, it really was! Usually, restaurants serve burger covered up but here, they serve them open top. And with all the cheese and other sauces oozing out, it did kind of looked messy but don't let looks be the judge! Let your tongue be! So I did. The burger patty is thick and juicy and the sauce was ok. Yes, I'm not saying anything spectacular about this burger other than the patty being thick and the sauce being ok, considering I love blue cheese a lot. If you love blue cheese burger, you'll like it but if you don't? Stay away from it because that's the only thing special in this burger. Oh, and the cabbage tasted weird. You know how the cabbage inside McDonald's Big Mac tastes? It tasted the same. Not a fan. And so, just because of the blue cheese, I liked (not loved) this burger.

Snack sized Traditional Wings (5pcs) | Php 295
Yes, it's not that cheap. That was also my first impression because I can buy a whole chicken or 2 for that same amount. I know it's different because you have to cook it on your own yada yada but still, 5 pcs for 295? Pricey. My brother got this and he ordered steamed rice to go with it. We are Asians so rice is a staple, right? Even with Siomai or Hakao, I love it with rice! His complain was the wings was too peppery. I tried one and without the sauces, again, nothing special. I loved the blue cheese dip though and since he didn't want it, I asked for it so I can dip my fries there that went with my burger.

Naked Tenders (4pc) | Php 295
Being in the field of advertising, I know that it takes guts to just put it out bluntly. I'm not sure if they should put "no pun intended" in the menu beside the "Naked Tenders". It did looked naked and empty. Before I discourage you further, let me encourage you to finish this and read on. As to explain why it looked naked, my sister in law who ordered it wanted to change the fries to rice. They have no choice but to put the rice on a separate bowl because it will look messy when you put it with the chicken tenders. Anyway, didn't get to taste this but I guess it would taste the same as any other chicken tenders would. I never liked them anyway because most used breast part and I'm not a fan of white meat.

So, as we were finishing our meal, I saw this poker game on the television. I thought that it was just one of the sports channels showing a poker game. I watched. Then I noticed "empty seats" written on some. I quickly wondered why in the world would they show the words "empty seat"? Then I looked around and saw a sign about you being able to borrow a tablet from the servers. Let me show you first the poker game I saw (Photo below, middle screen).

I got interested in what the tablet can do so I called the waiters attention and borrowed 2 tablets.

Apparently, you can play this game with other players IN THE RESTAURANT! How cool is that? It's like a modern take on those gaming cafes sprouting around town. There are also some other cool games you can play if you are not a fan of poker like:

Arcade, Trivia, Poker, etc.
The multiplayer games you can play with others in the restaurant would be the poker and the trivia game. I tried the trivia game but it was hard for me. I scored ZERO even if I was competing with NO ONE. Loser. :/

Their take away has a quality checklist as well. First time I see this kind of checklist.

I loved this concept! Although the food was just so-so for me (or I might have ordered the wrong things), I would definitely come back with friends or family here just to play and eat. I'm not a fan of gaming cafes because it's so hard to play with those huge board games while eating. And knowing me, I'm sure to mess them up by "accidentally" spilling something or applying ketchup or other sauces around the gaming materials. But this? I love it! I hope they can add more games in the future though. This is Buffalo Wild Wing's first and only branch here in the Philippines as of the moment. I guess I'll be seeing you soon again after one of our meetings around the area!

Check out Buffalo Wild Wing's menu below.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City

Opening soon in Glorietta 2.

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

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