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22 Prime @ Discovery Suites Ortigas - One of the Finest Dining Places in the Metro

It's not everyday that you get to discover some of the finest restaurants around town -- more so fine quality restaurants that would be worth your time braving the Metro Manila traffic (and rain, in some occasions). But when the opportunity arises, you simply don't say no. You just go. Whether you are on the lookout for a fancy date place away from the usual choices or just simply want to enjoy and relax, I would recommend 22 Prime for you. Read on if you want to know why.

My first job was in this same building, a tech company. I only knew Restaurant 5 before. I never knew 22 Prime existed. It's not really hard to remember where it is. Restaurant 5 is on the 5th floor and 22 Prime is on the 22nd. Thing is, this place is not heavily promoted. Why? I think the reason behind it not being promoted is because the service and quality speaks for itself -- more like a word of mouth promotion. I believe that this kind of promotion supersedes any kind of million peso tri-media ad spending because nothing can beat recommendations from family and friends -- even bloggers who are not afraid to speak the truth.

It was raining hard that night. I was on my toes as I might have a hard time driving home through flood waters if it didn't stop but, the relaxing piano playing as we dine washed all my tensed nerves away. I just enjoyed the view while waiting for our dinner to start. (Also, check out the cozy interior 22 Prime has to offer)

While waiting, we were served some refreshments and bread to go with the complimentary dips they offer.

This was an event night. The Discovery Leisure Company (TDLCI), parent company of Discovery Suites Ortigas invited us to taste the new menu offerings of 22 Prime, flagship restaurant of Discovery Suites Ortigas. The new menu was a collaboration between Chef Gerwin Bailon, the Executive Chef of Discovery Suites Ortigas and Chef Anthony Raymond, the Executive Chef of TDLCI. With an extensive experience from previously working for renowned 5-star hotels in the US, Chef Anthony’s culinary expertise added a perfect twist to the new dishes. We felt really special as he was personally present explaining things about his new menu and his creations. Here's the menu for the night:

We were surprised by 2 appetizers to start of our meal not included in the menu for the night.
Sous Vide Suckling Pig (3pcs) | Php 350
Not exaggerating, this is one of the best appetizers I have tasted in my whole life. You got to try it first to contest that and I would love to try something better that this so please, let me know the best appetizer you have tasted in the comments section. It's a mix of crispy roulade, peach chutney, and petite greens. Even though the peach was sweet, you'd never mistake it as a dessert because of the crunchy, mouth watering suckling pig that goes with it. It's so good that I can go to 22 Prime just to eat this for snack! Of course, moderation is key because it's not healthy eating a lot of these. But I think it's worth it. Just exercise the day after ;)

Broiled Oysters Thermidor (5pcs) | P 495
Also as great, our second appetizer was a mixture of my 2 favorite ingredients -- cheese and oyster. This appetizer reminds me of a dish that we always ordered when I was younger. The restaurant was somewhere near NAIA and we would go there just to order a plate of these oysters. I'm not sure if that restaurant maintained the quality that I have loved before but this was equally as delicious! I guess the first 2 dishes served now increased my expectations a bit because the appetizers were enough to make your visit worthwhile already!

Black Bean Veloute | Php 265
It didn't make quite a great impression as with the first two but it was a nice to have a warm creamy (that's the only thing I can remember, it was tasty and creamy but forgot how it tasted.) soup on a cold rainy night. The soup is also heavy so if your compartment is a little small, I suggest you skip this and go directly to main course OR you can simply try the next dish served to us.

Short Rib Ravioli | Php 695
I'm beginning to think that the Chef here is an appetizer expert! Almost all appetizers served are so good I highly recommend them! This dish also made an impression to me just because everything complemented each other -- taste, texture, and after taste. It simply makes you crave for more! It has brown butter squash puree, roasted mushrooms, truffle cream sauce, and grated parmesan. It sounds pricey but they use quality ingredients. You get what you pay for AND it's worth it.

Chateaubriand "Carved Table Side" (Good for 3) | Php 3,500
For what it's worth, I'd give the very nice presentation a 10/10 immediately. Look at how neat and well presented this dish is! It's hard to eat something as beautiful as this but don't worry, the beef itself is not hard! Here's how it looked like inside:
Cooked just right! I love that color! Soft, tender, juicy yet all the pure beef flavor is intact. I was not impressed at first but to any steak lover out there, this is a must order. They also have other steaks to choose from like Wagyu, etc.

It was also a perfect match to this red wine that we had. It was mild yet refined. It was fine as a standalone drink but it was better with the steak that we had.

Pecan Pie Bars | Php 
I parked across Discovery Suites Ortigas thinking it would be hard to park at the basement below.This is why I wanted to go home earlier for the fear of not being able to exit the already closed parking but we were assured by fellow blogger Jill of Food Scout that the parking at the Podium's basement closes late. This was why I still get to taste this simple yet surprising dessert. At first look, it looked ordinary -- just a pecan bar decorated with toppings. But, when you get to try it all, it was amazing! On top of the pecan bar was some crushed sea salt and below it was some caramel and chocolate sauce with fresh strawberries! Mix them all together and you'll get to taste a bit of heaven! We mixed this dessert with some hot tea, perfect to end a wonderful meal!

So you see, even just from the appetizers, either your date will be impressed or your contract with your prospective client or business partner will be signed! That's how I loved the dishes served that night! I can't say anything else better than to recommend you to try out 22 Prime. Really, it's one of the must-go places when you want something out of the ordinary. Don't order all the appetizers. Leave some for the main course and dessert! They are equally exquisite! Expert plating, impeccable service, and nice relaxing ambiance -- it's one of the finest dining areas I've been to around Metro Manila!

Hats off to the Chef!

22 Prime
22nd floor, Discovery Suites, 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City

22 Prime Menu

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