Monday, July 13, 2015

Angel's Pizza's Modernized Store and Food Offerings

I can't remember when my last visit to Angel's Pizza Makati Avenue branch was. Angel's still remain to be my top choice for pizza mainly because of the quality of the crust and it being less oily compared to other pizzas. During my visit yesterday, I was surprised at how it looked! It's far from before and it doesn't look fastfood-ish anymore. In fact, the ambiance can be compared similar to other upscale restaurants. (Check out their new interiors below)

The only thing I didn't like much was the tiled counter and the cluttered counter tops containing all the signs. They might have their reasons for using tiles but it didn't quite fit the overall rustic concept. It's the only trace left from the previous design concept but still, overall, the new design looked amazing! Kudos to the redesign team!

Back in 2010, I also did another post about Angel's Pizza and I remember saying that they have the best tasting pizza either when served fresh or reheated! To date, they still maintain that same quality and it's easy to tell why they have amassed such number of pizza fans sticking with their brand. That's their top trait if you ask me why I'd choose Angel's over other brands.

Fast forward 2015, they still remain to be my top favorite because I'm not a fan of oily pizzas. Not only that, they have created additional menu items not available from before so that customers would also get to taste of their other creations. Here's what we have tried so far:

Still my favorite, cheesy burger pizza. (Beef, bacon, mozzarella cheese)
Extra feast pizza -- Pepperoni, ham, beef, chorizo, onion, mushroom, green pepper, mozzarella cheese
Ham, beef, and mushroom calzone | Php 59
Tuna calzone | Php 75
Tacos! | Php 65
Carbonara pasta | Php 85
Cheesy lasagna | Php 139
Brownie squares | Php 92
Of all the food items we've yesterday, our unanimous favorite was the pizza, pasta, and the brownies! The tacos was just so-so but basing it on the price, you can't expect much from it. Same with the calzone. It was good but the filling was a bit lacking. Still, the pizza remains to be one of the best in town, hands down! The pasta was good for the price and the serving size was ample. You'd be full even if you order just that. The brownies were delightful and good, a bit crunchy and moist on the inside. For 92 pesos? It's a good deal!

Overall, I still love Angel's Pizza. Of course, they can't be the best at everything but they are the best at what they do -- pizza! Drop by their branch in Makati Avenue to check out the newly renovated store. Parking slots are available at the side (street before the branch).

Here are Angel's Pizzas other branches and details:
For deliveries, call 922-2222

Kalayaan QC 920-2399
Makati Ave 895-8888 / 899-3642
Cyberpod Eton 234-9782
Greenhills 661-8533
Dagupan (075) 529-1249
Fairview 461-7501 / 461-7502
Malate 522-1935
Paranaque 788-0011 / 788-0012
Recto 733-4946 / 733-4866

Other numbers (in general): 927-6640 / 0922-8781487

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