Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Instragram: Creating Memories in an Instant

There was a time when photography was not for everyone. It took time to learn, acquire devices, and develop nice photos to be compiled in one album. It was one expensive hobby back then. For non-hobbyists, they do it to preserve memories that money can't buy. Now, everything is easy, affordable, and convenient. This is why I love Instagram!

The camera above was my grandfather's. It's now part of my camera collection. I love old things that are of sentimental value similar to that. It may not cost much if you buy one outside but knowing that it's from my grand father, that makes it priceless. Other than photography, they loved to watch films as well -- literally. Check out this projector owned by him as well.

Back then, it was not as convenient to watch videos. You have to setup this projector and a lot of other processes to do so. Now, with a click of a button on your smartphone, you can record a video and even upload it in an instant for the world to see! Either your purpose is for self-consumption or to share it to the world, Instragram is a good place to do that!

Speaking of photography as a hobby, nowadays, it costs less already. Devices are more affordable, learning is easier as photography is best learned by doing and experimenting, and even publishing is just as affordable. Take Smart for example. They are offering their prepaid* and postpaid** subscribers FREE Instagram access! Subscribers can freely browse their Instagram feeds, upload photos and videos without additional data charges.

*Prepaid: 30MB /day included with popular prepaid promos like All Text 20, Unli Call and Text 30, All in 99, and Mega 250.
**Postpaid: Up to 200MB for 30 days when you subscribe to any Smart Surf Plus Plans

Memories can now be kept in an instant in your own Instagram feed. I do it by using a hashtag to track my posts. As my hashtag, I used #EverydayWithAlex. He's my son. He just turned one year old and it's fun documenting his daily day to day activities and memories. I can easily look back and browse if I want to. For those must-save memories, either I have them printed as a photo or as a magnet. (Ask me about Instagram magnets if you are interested.)

Here's some of my posts about him:
I post videos and photos as both compliment each other in preserving memories. Photos for those priceless smiles and reactions while video for those funny sounds or actions he makes. Technology does help us in a lot of ways and I appreciate that the FREE Instagram browsing or video/photo uploading doesn't count against your subscribed data because this will benefit a lot of people.

To know more about the promo, just go to their site: http://www.smart.com.ph/freeinstagram

As for now, let me go back to my son and document more of his adventures in his crib because not far from today, he'll be walking and running and jumping around and so on. Time to upload more memories!

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