Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tech Corner: Case Logic for GoPro

If you are one of those who owns a Go Pro, check out this Case Logic bag that they created for action camera. Since my husband is one of those who loves to have numerous bags for his gadgets, he was able to find the perfect protective bag for his GoPro accessories. His GoPro is placed in another bag though because he has a bag for all his filming stuff and a separate bag for the accessories of each.

Currently priced at Php 1,999.75 in SM Department Store, see the photos of the Case Logic Action Camera Bag below:

Case Logic for GoPro

Zipper and small compartments of the inner flap. You can put your memory cards here
The Main compartment with adjustable dividers to fit your accessory requirements. 

The upper compartment contains the yellow floater/bobber and underneath it is the 3-way arm. The compartment below could store the batteries (left side) and the gimbal on the right.
A closer look at the interior 

My husband used the extra space for batteries
Hard Shell Backing

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