Saturday, July 25, 2015

Unlimited Calls, Text, and FREE Instagram with Data Allowance from Smart (UCT50)

Contrary to current popular belief, calls and texts are not dead. In fact, a lot of people prefer to call and text still. As a good example, I am one of them. chat messages through messengers are convenient but for those must-reach-the-recipient-quick moments, nothing beats calling and texting. One generation up above ours are also adapting to mobile messengers but still, they still prefer the good ol' call and text. To further support my claim that calling and texting is not dead, I've read somewhere just yesterday that this phone maker is creating a simple phone (but well designed) for the sole purpose of just calling and texting!

This package now has free Instagram! #SmartFreeIG
One of Smart Prepaid's bundle is the UCT50. It gives subscribers unlimited calls to Smart, Talk n Text, and Sun. It also has unlimited text to ALL networks and a 50MB data allocation valid for 3 days. Now, they also added free Instagram access in line with their #SmartFreeIG promo.

We use call and text differently from data. I appreciate Smart because they always think ahead. Not only do they give you unlimited calls and text, they also give you data allowance and free Instagram access so you can connect with your friends in many ways!

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