Friday, August 21, 2015

DIY with Style with The Best Impressions Products

For those of you who love doing things with a personal touch, you may want to check out The Best Impressions. I learned of it last year as I saw one of my friends purchased their stamper set. As Christmas was fast approaching, I decided to order a few sets to be given away and for my personal use. Their famous products includes the Three Designing Women Stamper and the Desk Embosser.

You could choose from a lot of designs and what's cool about their products is the fact that you could buy one stamper set and use a whole lot of designs as their stamps are changeable. Also, the inks in the stampers could also be changed to different colors - Perfect for those who love to do DIY wrappers and cards.
My own stamper set with 2 designs that are interchangeable

It comes with a black ink but you could also purchase other colors available at TBI
I remember buying my stamper set at Php 2,500.00 (one personalized stamp included and black ink) and added an additional personalized stamp at Php 1,500.00
Yes, you change the stamper design without your hands getting dirty! Isn't that cool?
Another product that they have and I wish this was available back when I was getting married is their personalized embosser. Priced at Php 3,500.00 per set (includes one embossed design), you can make any plain stationary/envelop/paper elegant and personal. I bought one because I wanted my son's invitation envelops to have his initials - this is actually perfect for wedding invitations had I known this product 3 years ago! There are actually a lot more uses of these embossers so it was good I was able to invest in one. 
Embosser can be used for envelops and foil seals
For those of you who are into calligraphy, The Beat Impressions also sells The No Fuss Calligraphy Starter Set. For Php 1,500.00, you get to have your calligraphy guide/workbook and a pen - perfect for those who are starting to learn. 

There are a whole lot of stationary and packaging items that they offer plus the designs of their stampers and embossers, You may check the following:
Instagram: Thebestimpressions

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