Friday, August 14, 2015

Mommy Corner: First Trimester of Pregnancy - Taking Care of Yourself

So you are already a few days delayed and have done pregnancy test and it said positive! Congratulations, you are going to be a mom! So, what do you do next?

Seeing an OB-Gynecologist is very important as he/she will be telling you basics on what to expect, and things to and not to eat during your journey to motherhood. First-time parents should be more careful too because there are things that one doesn't know may affect the child. Here are a few guidelines that we learned during a session an ob-gynecologist.

Eat foods rich in folic acid as this is an important nutrient that you baby needs as they continue to grow inside you. You can also ask for folic acid supplements from your doctor.

Wear flat shoes to avoid tripping and falling. There's really nothing wrong with wearing high heels during pregnancy but its more of maintaining your balance, posture and caring for your spinal column as this is the most affected body part when you wear heels during pregnancy.

Avoid eating foods without nutrients and avoid drinking caffeine. Since you also feed the little one inside you, it is best to eat nutritious food that is vital to the development of your little one. Sacrificing a little bit for nine months to ensure that your baby eats the healthiest of foods cannot compare to a lifetime of regret.

Never smoke or drink and avoid people who smoke as there are adverse effects in the development of your baby. As cigarettes contain a lot of chemicals, you are also feeding your baby this whenever you smoke or mingle with people who does.

Be careful with the medicines you drink - it is always best to check with your doctor or inform them that you are expecting so that they will be prescribing safer medicines for you. It is always best to treat sickness the natural way by eating more fruits and vegetables plus drinking lots of water.

There are a lot other things to take note too but of course the most important is keeping yourself healthy as everything you do not only involves you but also the precious little one growing inside you.

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