Friday, August 14, 2015

Mommy Corner: Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

Before I start reviewing on this, please don't get be wrong, I am currently mixed feeding my one-year old son and I have been trying my very best to provide my son with breast milk ever since he was born.  

For those mothers who have been storing milk for their little ones, it is very difficult to warm the milk especially when you just brought it out of the refrigerator. A lot of people have told me that running water will do the trick to warm the breast milk but since I am more of a environmentalist and wanted to conserve water, I use a bottle warmer to "warm" my milk. I just have to make sure that the temperature of my warmer is not hot enough to destroy the enzymes of breast milk and I time my warmer for 2-3 minutes, shut it off before soaking the milk for a minute or two. In that way, the milk is not compromised.

Bottle warmers have been a very helpful to a lot of mothers - not only warming milk but also warming food. I've had 2 kinds of bottle warmers, one was almost 30 years old lend to me by an aunt and my recent one was the  Philips Avent Bottle Warmer given by my mom. 

One thing I noticed about the new generation bottle warmer is the fact that they are conscious about mother who are breast-feeding their little ones so it has a gentle defrost function for breast milk.
Written on the box of Philips Avent bottle warmer
Unlike the older bottle warmers, Avent's warmer has a bigger opening to accommodate bigger bottles. Aside from the Avent bottles that my son uses, I also have the Pigeon Peristaltic Bottles (the shape is much wider than that of the Avent). It actually fits the warmer perfectly and still has room.

Wide mouth
I use it with a lot of bottles including my Pigeon Peristaltic
 It can also warm food - I usually bring this when we go out of town/overnights. I prepare my son's food good for two days and stores them in separate glass containers per meal so I just need to warm the serving that is needed and the rest is placed in the refrigerator. 

Not so sure about the price here in Manila but my mom purchased it in Hong Kong and it was around Php 1,800.00 converted.

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