Saturday, August 15, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: First Impressions (w/ High Resolution Photos)

Yesterday was the official Philippine and worldwide launch of the Samsung's newest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Alongside it, they also launched the bigger sibling of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which is the S6 Edge Plus. We get access to check out the newest device for a short period of time and here is what we think.
(Unit seen in this post is an engineering unit and that's the reason why it has some "marks" in the body.)

No doubt, this is currently the best designed phone in the market. The gold color is truly elegant and whichever angle you look, sometimes looking a bit like platinum color. Samsung has got it in terms of color. They now know how to make their highend units look premium. This started when they changed it to unibody design using steel materials. Of course, there are disadvantages to this like having a non-user interchangeable battery and the lack of expandable memory. This started with the S6 and S6 Edge, and now, the S6 Edge Plus and the Note 5 followed suit. (Both Note 5 and Edge plus comes in 2 variants, 32GB and 64GB)

When iPhone came out, the gold color was the sought after color. It was very attractive. Until Samsung launched their version of Gold. iPhone's gold now looked dull while the shiny, reflective, platinum-gold color of the Samsung units came out more attractive. To make it better, although not much useful, the curved edge made it look better as well. Between the 2 units launched yesterday, I'd pick the Edge Plus in a blink of an eye.

I have the black sapphire Samsung Galaxy S6. It's absolutely gorgeous. Admittedly, I wanted to have the S6 Edge before BUT what stopped me was that it wasn't dual SIM. I wouldn't want to bring 3 huge units of mobile phone with me everyday. My iPhone 6 plus is huge enough. This is why I want the new S6 Edge Plus so badly. IT HAS DUAL SIM SUPPORT! Yes, I'm shouting because I'm excited that finally, the design I want, combined with the ultra elegant color choice is now available in a dual SIM variant. I don't care if everyone ends up getting the gold color because it's really nice. I want it because I personally like it.

Although the "Edge" screen is not much useful, it does make the device look good and just a wee-bit functional as they added a home screen shortcut on it. Simply drag from the right edge of the screen towards the left and the menu will appear (as seen below).

I'm not sure if I'll be able to secure a review unit or get one myself but definitely, this device is next on my list of must haves! Check out more photos below:

For pre-orders from Smart, go to this link:

For pre-orders, check out this link from Smart:

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