Friday, September 25, 2015

3 Reasons Why Having a Pocket WiFi is Convenient

Having a pocket WiFi when pocket WiFi's weren't that famous then and cost an arm and a leg, I'm a believer of it and it has helped me in a LOT of ways you can never imagine. Now, If you ask around, majority of the people tend to not like using Pocket WiFi's for one reason -- They do not want to carry around another device. The cost is not a problem nowadays because like Smart Bro Big Bytes 799, you can even get it for free! Before, I need to shell out 7,500 pesos just to get a LTE pocket WiFi. Here are several reasons why having a pocket WiFi outweighs the so-called "burden" of bringing one with you.

3 Reasons Why Having a Pocket WiFi is Convenient

1) Sharing
Rather than subscribing to multiple subscriptions where sometimes, you cannot even finish up the allocated data in one, sharing the subscription via pocket WiFi is the wise thing to do. You can just get a single subscription and share it with family members when you are together. Anyway, establishments now usually have free WiFis so when the need arises and the place you are in doesn't have free WiFi, everyone, up to 10 people can connect to the pocket WiFi.

2) Battery saver
Using the phones data will eat up your smartphone battery faster. I don't need a survey to prove that nor do I need to state facts. It's evident and you know it. Using WiFi on your phone compared to data saves you battery so you can use your smartphone with internet connection via pocket WiFi longer. Also, you can charge your pocket WiFi and still use it, rather than your phone being plugged to an outlet and you are stuck on the spot where you are charging your device

3) You can lend it
There are times that someone needs to borrow your internet connection. Maybe your kid needs it at school or your parents need to get in touch with you constantly while you are out of the country and they don't have a mobile data subscription. It will be impossible to lend them your mobile device nor your SIM card just to give them internet connection everywhere whereas having a pocket WiFi, you can simply lend it to them, tell them to switch it on, and done! Easy peasy!

There are a lot more reasons why having a pocket WiFi is convenient and you'll just realize them once you already have them. I've several more reasons but I want you to think about the convenience of having one in your own scenario. I'm sure you can think of more reasons than me. Currently, as mentioned above, one of the best plans to use in a pocket WiFi is the Smart Big Bytes 799 plan. It includes 4.5GB of open access data and 1.1GB of Fox, iFlix, or Spinnr! It also includes a 30-day subscription for each of that app. You can also opt to just purchase the device for just P1,499 and the LTE pocket WiFi for P3,495. Getting the LTE pocket WiFi is my recommendation.

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