Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Using Smart Surf Abroad Data Roaming: Tips and More Info

Earlier today, Smart officially announced that data roaming need NOT to be shocking! This is because Smart Surf Abroad has been enhanced! Here's an overview of the new features of this offer:

- Fixed 550 /day data roaming rate in countries with partner networks
- No bill shock!
- Partner network in over 100 countries! (Soon to be 180 according to sources)
- It's automatic!

Read on to know more about the details of the new features.

These offers were inexistent before. I have paid nearly a thousand pesos a day in my last Europe trip using an international sim. That's almost double the price! Now with Smart, you can use Facebook, chat using your favorite messaging apps, use Google Maps or Google Translate, or email all day for just 550 pesos a day! AND, the best thing is, they have partner networks in all the top destinations around the world!

Check out the current list of countries with partner networks:
Link: http://smart.com.ph/International/traveling-the-world/postpaid-surf-abroad

So, how do you use Smart Surf Abroad? Easy! Just turn on your data roaming! No need to tinker with manual network selection. Smart will now automatically connect you to their partner network by default. If in case you want to use another network (for business or enterprise or personal reasons), you will get an SMS from Smart indicating that you will be charged the normal roaming rates accordingly. Another great feature would be the no bill shock feature! This will make you enjoy your data roaming more as you have a peace of mind that your will won't give you a heart attack.

How will you know if you are on their partner network or if you are ready to use Smart Surf Abroad?
You will get an SMS similar to this:

You will get a similar SMS like that. Just to be sure, my suggestion is to be mindful of the network you are using while using data roaming. Also, if you are not using data roaming, better switch it off just to be sure. Not needed, but it's a good suggestion to be safe. Also, I'm not sure if it's applicable up to now but make sure you use more than 5MB. Before, they said that those using less than 5MB will be charged normal roaming rates and not the Smart Surf Abroad 550/day rate. This was before. I'm not quite sure now but 5MB? That's a pretty small amount of data to be even spending 550 a day. Just use more than 5MB to be sure -- although I know you can easily dispute that.

In case you go to a country that do not offer Smart Surf Abroad, you'll receive this message:

Also, I got a message filled with Smart data roaming info:

Before the year ends, Smart is also making this offer available for Smart Prepaid users! Sharing has been a trend in social media these days and what better way to share what you are experiencing with your family, friends, and followers while abroad! It's like letting them have a peek of what you can see through their devices! Keep on sharing! Enjoy your travels! #SmartSurfAbroad rocks!

For more info, visit, http://smart.com.ph/postpaidsurfabroad

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