Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Club Paradise Coron Rooms and Villas

While my husband joined the Coron Tour, I had to be left behind because I am a pumping mom. Even though I would be missing the snorkeling and island hopping, I was also excited to explore around Club Paradise. One of the things I did was to check the different accommodations the island offers. It was a good thing that while I was wandering around, there were several housekeeping staff who were kind enough to accompany me to the island's different rooms.
Panoramic shot of Club Paradise Entrance

Panoramic Shot of scenery outside Dugong Bar

Garden Suites
There are 20 garden suites and 4 of which are connecting rooms, 2 persons per room is ideal but you could add an extra bed to make it 3. Garden suites have the modern architecture and interiors plus, they are the only rooms that has television. But like what my husband said, who needs a television when there is a lot to explore and the view is fantastic?

Panoramic shot of Garden Suite

The Only accommodation in the island with TV
Steps leading to the Garden Suites
Garden Suites' Glass Door
Beachfront Rooms
There are 20 beachfront rooms. We are currently staying here and it's situated by the sunset (west side) of the island. It can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably and there is a separate walk-in closet/dresser. What I liked about beachfront rooms is that each hut/room is detached from the others so you don't have to worry that your neighbors are noisy because the next one is a few meters away. In addition, the wide stretch of sand and trees just a few steps from your door is the perfect relaxing view. You can sleep, read a book or relax and just wait for the sun to set. Plus, the chirping of birds will definitely ease your tension.

Panoramic shot of our beachfront room
The view outside our window
Water with flowers to rinse our feet before entering our room since beachfront rooms are surrounded by sand

Hillside Rooms
There are 8 hillside rooms and has a maximum capacity of 4 persons per room. I consider this one of the most spacious because of the layout. Even the toilet and bath is spacious! There are four single detached units and each detached unit has 2 separate rooms (first and second floor). 
Panoramic shot of Hillside Room
Each Detached Unit has 2 bedrooms (Up and Down)

By the Entrance of the lower Unit
Seaview Rooms
There are 8 seaview rooms and is situated at the sunrise/east side of the island. There are 4 hut-type structures by the sea and each hut houses 2 rooms. I wasn't able to check the interior of the room but as per my conversation with the housekeeping staff, the front and back rooms are usually booked separately but since they are connecting ones, big families may opt to book these 2 rooms together.

Would love to go back and try their other rooms but I guess the beachview room has the  best view (imo)! :)

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