Thursday, August 27, 2015

Smart Increases Data Volume Allocation for Big Bytes 50 with Entertainment Upgrade

One of the popular prepaid packages now under Smart Prepaid is the Big Bytes 50. It originally includes 300 MB open access + FREE 500 MB Spinnr access/ streaming + FREE 100 MB YouTube/SkypeQik. But starting today, they have an updated Big Bytes 50 offering!

350 MB open access
FREE 600 MB iFlix, FOX, and Spinnr
3 day subscription to FOX (via Viewstream)
Valid for 3 days. To subscribe, dial *121#

Other than having a 350MB open access data allocation, you now have the option to choose if you want to use the NOW 600MB to access iFlix, Fox (with 3-day subscription), and Spinnr! iFlix is where you can stay updated with TV shows and movies, while Fox is great for sport fanatics! Traffic? Long waiting times? Entertain yourselves! This Smart Prepaid bundle is perfect for those who are light browsers and always on-the-go but wants entertainment in their package as it includes Spinnr, iFlix, and Fox! The ad below from Smart also shows that they used the package for entertainment and while on the road -- literally entertainment everywhere! #SmartLife!

Let's say that you'd want an active subscription of Big Bytes for 30 days, that would give you a total of 3.5GB open access data allocation, 6GB worth of data for iFlix, Fox, and Spinnr! Not bad as this will only cost you 500 pesos a month (50X10 subscriptions = 30days)! Most would already not be able to finish this because there are already a lot of establishments with free WiFi nowadays and at home or office, most also have internet access already.

For more info, check out Smart's website for this bundle:

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