Friday, September 25, 2015

FREE Phone and Tablet @ Sun Plan 599

I've been seeing commercials of Sun being the better choice. I've also personally attended other Sun events and to tell you the truth, I do believe that they are a better choice compared to some competitors if you look at their deals head to head. Such a strong statement for the start of the article!

Never have I seen a telco offering a free phone and a free tablet on such a low plan like this. Also, take note that this plan also includes unlimited calls and texts to Sun, 400MB of data, and 400 texts to other networks. I've been a Sun Cellular postpaid user since 2004. I currently have both Smart and Sun. It's such a good deal that I can't let my Sun go even if it means that I'll be having two postpaids.

If you check, the Plan 599 from another company only gives you a free mobile phone, unlimited SMS and calls within the network and 100MB data. With Sun, you get unlimited calls within the network, 400MB data, and 400 SMS to other networks, not to mention a free mobile phone + a tablet!
*Highlighted above are the advantages of getting the Sun Plan 599

Check out Sun's newest TVC featuring Ryan Agoncillo:

For more info, check out

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