Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to use Talk N Text "Extend"

For Talk n Text subscribers out there, TNT just announced an extension promo where you can prolong your subscribed packages for just a minimal fee. Launching with this promo is the newest media sensation AlDub as TNT's newest endorsers.

TNT is a widely used prepaid service in the Philippines. With great packages such as the ones seen below, it's no doubt that this "TNT extend" program will benefit a lot of people under the TNT network.

"Extend" works by extending the subscribed promo expiration of the TNT subscriber. For example, you subscribed to "Gaan Text 10". This will give you unlimited text to ALL networks for 1 day. If you decide to use it tomorrow as well, you can just simply extend it rather than subscribing to another package. So instead of spending 10 pesos, you just spend 5 pesos for extending the package! On the other network, you can only "extend" up to 30 times BUT with TNT, you can extend up to 365 times!

*Wait for SMS confirmation that your package has been extended
**To extend, text "Extend" and send to 4545

Check out the TNT Extend AlDub TVC below. AlDub is currently one of the biggest sensations in the Philippines breaking Twitter world records, almost daily!

For more info, visit http://tntph.com/pages/extend

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