Saturday, September 12, 2015

Smart Satellite Phone: Do you need one? 5 ways to use it

Before I attended the press briefing, i know that I need one. After the event? I really know that I really need one. Let’s put it this way.. as they put it, it’s like having an insurance. You need one but you do not wish to use it. As the discussion went on, you’ll realize that there’s more than just using it in times of disaster.

5 ways to use Smart Sat:

1) As an international phone 
There are instances where using a satellite phone can be cheaper than using your own mobile phone when roaming. For example, a single SMS can cost you around Php15 pesos already on tier 2 categorized countries and as high as P20-P25 on tier 1 countries. A couple of years back, I went on a cruise just in Asia and I was charged as high as P30 pesos per SMS! That is 3 times the cost of what the satellite phone SMS service charges which is around 10 pesos only. Another important thing to remember is that satellite phones have signal virtually anywhere there is coverage. For the Smart Sat service, coverage is almost anywhere in the world. See coverage map below.

2) For adventure seekers 
As mentioned, since you’ll have virtually coverage anywhere in the world, this is perfect for adventure seekers! Going diving? trekking? Whether it be at the top of the mountain or in the middle of the sea, you’ll have signal wherever you go. Ideal for those who wants or needs to get in touch with their families or simply maybe doing a critical business operation.

3) Business continuity 
Speaking of business, I could say that this is one of Smart Sat’s main target markets. It’s such a low cost back up plan that all businesses that need continuity must have 1. One of the units available, the Smart Sat XT by Thuraya costs only P38,500. This already includes a P10,000 prepaid load. If you think about it, your smartphone might be even more expensive than this satellite phone and this is even more useful when the time comes.

4) Essential for VIPs / Government people / Rescue personnels 
Actually, I just made the title sound more important. But you know who are the really important people? The one that you love — your loved ones. When the time arises that you need to call them, I’m pretty sure people would pay thousands just to borrow your Smart Sat phone for a quick phone call to check on someone or just to inform your loved ones you are okay. Like I said, it’s like insurance. It’s expensive and is not that useful.. until the time you need it comes. That is where you will appreciate the value of it.

5) As a tracker 
The Smart Sat XT has the capability to connect to GPS satellites which enables you to get your longitude and latitude coordinates. Plot that in any map app like Google maps and you’ll know where you are. The real use for this is when you want someone to track you. You can set the phone to send your coordinates from time to time and the receiver will get an SMS of your long/lat coordinates. Ask them to plot that in Google maps or Google earth and they’ll know where you are.

I’m sure you can think of more applications for the use of the Smart Satellite phone other than those listed above. It’s such a small investment that you’ll appreciate in time of need and nice to have just to feel a bit more ready. It’s still your responsibility to be prepared with presence of mind when the time comes. If you are interested, here are the rates and prices for the units and the said service:
Specification of the SATSLEEVE and the SmartSat XT
Satellite coverage of the Smart Sat service
Price of the SmartSat XT and Smart SatSleeve 
SmartSAT Rates
They even have a Satellite Broadband! This one is a bit pricey though for consumers.
Here are some of those who are already using SmartSAT 
This is why you need SmartSAT. Even when GSM service is down, you still can rely on satellite communication.
Here's the satellite broadband canopy
You can buy a solar charger for your SmartSAT XT 
If you are indoors, this is the perfect accessory for your SmartSAT XT. A docking station with external antenna.
I am seriously considering of getting one!

For more info:
If you want to know more about SmartSAT, please visit

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