Friday, September 11, 2015

Smart X Uber Partnership Launch: Free Uber Rides!

Smart, leader in wireless and Uber, one of the most used app based transport network has just announced a partnership that will enhance the commuters experience by providing FREE WiFi in Uber vehicles. Smart subscribers will be particularly happy with this partnership. First time Uber users that are Smart subscribers will also get 2 free Uber rides worth P300 each! Uber has provided a convenient way to travel around Metro Manila. Simply download the app and input your Smart mobile number here and input the code into your app.

The Uber service is even converting those driving cars daily to just use the service. Instances like going to places without parking or cramming for something and needing extra time while on the road would make you opt to just use the Uber service. I find myself using the service from time to time in those situations and sometimes, even if I just want to relax a bit. You can do that because as far as safety is concerned, I would say that this is the next safest thing next to their private cars. You can be tracked by your loved ones by sending a unique link you can get in the app while onboard the Uber car and your loved ones can track you real time. No longer will you need to list down details like the plate number because this is easily available even prior to boarding the car. Name of the driver, car make and model, and plate number are the info you’ll get.

As an Uber user, I’d also like to request that they include the color of the car because sometimes, I find myself looking like a MMDA looking at all the plate numbers of the cars approaching me. This is particularly hard when the car you summoned is very common. It’s still the best transport service out there for me as they don’t choose passengers unlike other apps who even asks for tips/extras. This is one great partnership and I hope that in the near future, Smart can also include Smart money as a payment option. Kudos to both Smart and Uber!

Download the Uber app now in Appstore or Google Play!
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