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7 Advantages of Taking a Cruise vs Doing a Land Tour

Going on a honeymoon and planning your dream getaway? There are a lot of choices out there but the popular ones are -- joining a guided coach tour, taking a cruise, or doing it on your own. It all depends on what you want and your traveling style. For those who wants to be in control, joining guided tours is definitely not for you. If you want to go to as much places as possible in a short period of time, go for guided coach tours. For those who want it to be a bit relaxing, on your own or cruising might be a good option for you. But, as I've heard a lot of people say, cruising is not for everyone. They say that those who enjoy cruises more are the oldies who have a hard time doing intensive pack-and-go land tours like the ones provided by Trafalgar or Cosmos. Honestly, I don't mind doing any of those. It's both fun in their own ways but here are 7 advantages of taking a cruise.

7 Advantages of going on a cruise:

1) Less packing 
No need to keep on packing day in and day out and transferring hotels every few days. You get to unpack your luggage on day 1 of your cruise, put your stuff inside your room cabinet and treat it like your own closet at home and just pack before your cruise ends.

2) Free food
Free food almost literally 24 hours a day. Technically, you have already paid for it but it's fine! The only problem you'll have is choosing where to eat. Do you want to eat in a fine dining, seat down dinner style? buffet? Yes, you can! There are some restaurants though that charge a cover fee. For example, Johnny Rockets was free during breakfasts but other than that, they charge a minimal cover fee. For example, you pay $4 and you can order all you want. There was also a Starbucks on board. You pay depending on what you order -- no, there's no Starbucks-all-you-can offer.

3) Activities are almost endless
Want to watch a musical? Go to the arcade? Play some hoops? Surf the waves? Read a book on the library? Play some games in the game room? Tee-off in the mini golf? Yes to all and more. From comedy shows to musicals, art auctions, spa splurges, merry-go-round, outdoor movies, swimming in one of the many pools. There's still more. I can't even remember all but don't worry. Every night, your friendly housekeeping staff will leave a "Cruise Compass" newsletter containing all the details you would need for the next day. Opening hours, show times, special activities for the day, etc.

4) Less travel time spent on peak hours
On a land tour, you wake up in the morning, check out the hotel, ride the bus, and go to a new place then unpack your luggage as you reach your new hotel, then possibly pack again to go to a new place the next day. On a cruise, you wake up in the morning and you are in a new place. You go out and explore the whole day, go back to the ship, sleep, and the next day, you are in a new place again. See the difference? Basically, you travel while you're asleep versus traveling to a new place on your peak hours (daytime).

5) Go or stay. You have a choice.
You have a choice. On a land tour, if for example, you've been to Rome a million times already and you prefer not to go, but is included in the itinerary, you don't have a choice. On a cruise, you can just opt to stay in the cruise and choose to do one of the many activities on board or just simply relax after a tiring tour the day before.

6) Go to exotic places
Exotic places are easily reachable. When taking a cruise, places not usually visited by land tours can be visited by cruises easily. For example, on this trip, we visited Palma De Mallorca in Spain. Normally, it would be too much effort for land tours to do to this place because this place is part of an island separate from where Barcelona is. But by cruise, it is easily reachable. Not literally exotic places all the time but those not easily accessible if you're taking a land tour.

7) Easy to plan
This is because it eliminates the problem of looking and booking a different hotel for each place that you visit. Just book a cruise, research on what you want to see on each stop, and do it. It's that easy.

This is why I also love taking a cruise. I've been to several but so far, this last cruise was the most enjoyable one. Other than having our entire clan of around 20 people be in it, the cruise we went on is also currently the biggest passenger cruise ship in the world to date. In 2016, I've heard that Royal Caribbean is set to finish a bigger one that will beat this ship in terms of size.

Regardless, Allure of the Seas is still an uber-nice cruise ship. It goes the same with her twin sister, Oasis of the Seas. Allure is just bigger by a few meters so technically, Allure is the largest one and next in line is Oasis. They have the same configuration inside. They also said that they used the same blue prints for it.
Trivia: Allure of the Seas (Finished in 2010) is only bigger by 50 millimeters compared to Oasis of the Seas (Finished in 2009). This officially makes Allure of the Seas the largest cruise ship in the world. Set to be finished in 2016, Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas will be the biggest passenger cruise ship beating Allure of the Seas in 2016.
If you are interested to know more about Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, I will be doing a review of it filled with photos that will surely make you excited, whether you are just at the planning stages or just waiting for your cruise day.

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