Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How I got a Samsung Galaxy S6 for FREE #ShareTheJoy

As a blogger, I attended an event today just like any other day. Prepared and drove myself to the venue, came early for parking, socialized with fellow bloggers, ate, listened to what was being launched, took photos, took home a Samsung Galaxy S6. Just a normal day -- except for the last item!!!

Yes, turns out, the event I attended was the launching/ briefing of Smart's #ShareTheJoy campaign! So, what is this campaign about? First, let me show you a video I watched a week earlier. (Then at the end of this post, I'll share with you how you can win one for yourself!)

Watch Jasmine make people go WOW!
Ano bang wish mo na gadget? What if ibigay ito ngayon? Please comment below kung anong gusto mo.. Malay mo...
Posted by LionhearTV on Thursday, October 15, 2015
Of course, I clicked the video and watched it. The caption was interesting and this was also the reason why the video was viral and as of writing time, the video has already garnered more than 1.1 million views!

So today, I also get to experience that. Everyone in the event got to take home 1 gadget each! Mine was a Samsung Galaxy S6! Simply amazing, eh? Thank you Smart for the early Christmas gift!

Well, the best part is yet to come. Smart is giving EVERYONE a chance to take home not just any gadgets.. but premium gadgets! How? Check out this video first and let me share with you the joy in a bit:

They are dubbing it the #ShareTheJoy campaign and everyone gets a chance to win a nice. brand spankin new, shiny, premium gadget just in time for Christmas! How many winners? From what I heard, they are giving out A LOT of gadgets per day! The easiest way to know how to join is to text "ShareJoy" and send it to 238. Of course, you've got to be 'Smart' to get a chance to win gadgets, load, and exclusive discounts until December 2015.

Requirements to join:
Smart Prepaid and Smart Bro Prepaid
New or re-contracting Smart Postpaid / Smart Bro plan

To join:
Smart Prepaid
Register to any 'Big Bytes' or 'UCT' offers to earn a letter. Complete the word "JOY" and instantly get FREE Big Bytes 10 or a chance to win a brand new smartphone.

Smart Bro Prepaid
Register to any 'Big Bytes' offer to earn a letter. Complete the word "JOY" for a chance to win a brand new tablet or a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi.

New or Re-contracting Smart Postpaid / Smart Bro plan
If you are availing of your re-contracting offer OR getting a new Smart Postpaid / Smart Bro plan, you will have a chance to play the slot machine game. If you can get the word "JOY", you can win the latest smartphones or a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi.

See? Easy peasy to join! With Smart, everyone is a sure winner already. These are just uber-cool bonuses to #ShareTheJoy and give back to their awesome consumers throughout the years. A perfect way to start the much awaited and celebrated Christmas season! What are you waiting for? Share the Joy!

To know more, visit www.smart.com.ph/joy

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GlassesShop said...

Wow, that's so amazing! Galaxy S6 is really a great phone, and thank you for your sharing, I want to have a try :)